Thursday, August 08, 2013

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Living Jewish for Shoftim is Up!

Living Jewish is an absolutely awesome Jewish Chassidic Weekly Torah Newsletter in English.  We’re collaborating with the publisher to make the full content available online, via downloadable PDF, as well as sharing some of the articles here.

Click here to visit the newly built download site, and download this week’s Parshat Shoftim newsletter.

Here’s a sample…


Reb Zusya of Hanipoli was once asked why he is so careful to dance at every wedding procession passing his house. He answered: "When I was young, I was a student of Reb Yechiel Michel, the Magid of Zlotchov.

One time he scolded me very harshly. He later came over to clear up any hard feelings, and said: 'Reb Zusya, forgive me for my harsh words.' 'Rebbe,' I answered, 'I forgive you.' Before I went to sleep he came again, and said: 'Reb Zusya, forgive me!' 'Rebbe, I forgive you,' I reassured him.

That night, when I lay down to sleep, but was still awake, my rebbe's father, Reb Yitzchak of Drohovitch, came to me from the World Above, and said: 'I left only one son after me in the World Below. Do you want to destroy him because he insulted you?' 'Reb Yitzchak!' I protested.  'I have already forgiven your son with all my heart and soul!' 'This is not yet a perfect forgiveness,' he said. 'Come along with me.'  I followed him, until we came to the local mikva. There he told me to immerse myself in it three times, and to say each time that I forgave his son. Coming out of the mikva, I saw a light so bright radiating from Reb Yitzchak's face that I could not look at him.

He told me that all his life he had been careful to observe the three things to which Rabbi Nechunya ben HaKanah attributed his long life: 'I never gained honor at the expense of the degradation of my fellow; I never went to sleep without forgiving everyone for the day's vexations; and I have been generous with my money.'

Reb Yitzchok added that, through joy, these three things that he had attained could also be achieved. "Therefore," concluded Reb Zusya, "I'm careful to participate in the joy of the mitzvah of wedding celebrations."


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