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Ignore the Bodies – Go for Jerusalem

by Dov bar Leib from End of Days

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At least 578 dead in Egypt with hundreds of bodies remaining uncounted from violence yesterday.  At least 18 Coptic Xtian churches have been destroyed with untold numbers of Xtians murdered by Muslim Brotherhood "protesters" because they are frustrated by their own death toll at the hands of the Egyptian Army whom they accuse of acting on behalf of the Xtians.

This just exploded into an event of Biblical proportions right after the first of 4 releases (of unrepentant Palestinian murderers) by Mr. Linguine Spine of 26 murderers per release (forced by the United States and Secretary of State John Jerry).

I won't bring up the obvious that the Name of HaShem has four letters, and the Final Redemption is with all four letter in His Name not just the First two letters of the first redemption. I will not be bringing up any Xtian motifs from their book lest I be accused of turning Yinnonism into Danonism and the 2nd Coming and the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

The Jewish source is clear. It is the Pesach (Passover) Seder where the four cups of wine are the four letters in HaShem's Name that will ultimately be expressed in full during the Final Redemption. One cannot ignore the striking proximity of the release of the first group of 26 thugs with the unleashing of a massive death toll on the nation of Egypt. At the Seder the first cup of wine corresponds to the Yud in HaShem's Name and the corresponding 10 Plagues inflicted on the nation of (drum roll) Egypt. No coincidence here unless you were Paro (Pharoah though referring to US President Obama) who was out on the links playing 18 holes of golf as untold numbers of people were dying in the nations whose government he helped to overthrow in order to install the Muslim Brotherhood.

We can't talk about the son of Gigi since he is our big end times military secret from Medrash Sefer Eliyahu.  I don't think that he is El-Sisi. With the POTUS playing 18 holes of golf as Egypt was flowing with blood, I can't blame the next interim leader/ strong man from refusing to take his phone call. From what I can tell thousands could be (are) dying in both Egypt and Syria, and Obama/Kerry will concentrate their focus on dividing Jerusalem and throwing a couple of hundred thousand of Jews out of their homes (in Judea and Samara aka the West Bank).   Neither of them seem to be even one bit interested in the flow of Arab blood in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and countless other places in the world.

There is a halakhic (Jewish religious law) injunction that applies to the Pesach Seder which does not apply to the wine used to sanctify all the other Sabbaths and Festivals. The wine at the seder must be red. It must be the color of blood. I believe that this is to remind us of the blood of Brit Milah (circumcision) and the blood of the Korban Pesach (the passover sacrifice at the time of the Holy Jewish Temple). Now we see that this is also the color of the blood spilled during the Final Redemption, and this is only the beginning of cup number One. There are three cups to go.

In every canard there is a little bit of Truth. The most common accusation during the Middle Ages against Jews was that we mixed the blood of Xtian children with matzot during the Pesach seder. What seems to be the case is that it is HaShem (G-d), not us, who is using the motif of the Pesach Seder to bring about the Final Redemption which involves spilling the blood of the wicked in association with the 4 cups of red wine at the Seder.  Oh but wait, we will be accused ultimately of using black magic at the Seder to bring about this judgment. This was what the original accusation revolved around. Expect it to be brought up again.

At the Seder we do take a drop of wine out of our cups for each of the ten Plagues which of course starts with Dam (blood). When we recount the miracles that will occur at the Final Redemption we take out three drops of wine again starting with Dam (blood) and ending with Aish (Fire) and Timrot Ashan (Date Palms of Smoke or Mushroom Clouds). So expect more blood then fire and then at least two mushroom clouds.

I believe it is the Vilna Gaon that notes that the word Bechor (Bet Khaf Reish) is filled with the number two because as everyone knows the bechor (the first born) always receives a double portion from the inheritance of his father. Bet is gematriah 2. Khaf is gematriah 20. And Reish is 200. One might think that this is Room 222 a popular television show from the early 1970s. No it is the word Bechor telling us 3 times that a first born son gets a double portion as his inheritance. So let us look at the word Dam (Dalet Mem). This time we see the number 44 (Dalet=4 and Mem=40). I think that this might be the secret of the release of 4x26= 104 bloodthirsty murderers. The Blood from Yo'el chapter 3 must be repeated four fold in order to bring judgment on the world.

And the judgment during these nine months which began with the first prisoner release will be Dam (blood).
The Aish (Fire) and the Date Palms of Smoke will follow.  It seems that for each release of blood-thirsty savages here for Piece talks, the world will find itself chest deep in blood. This is not the pleasant Gog W. ben Gog Bush way to bring redemption that was rejected here by far too many, but it is still redemption in the merit of all of our suffering and the deeds of our righteous forebears.

Yehonatan ben Malkah a.k.a. Mashiach ben Ephraim (a description of the biblical prophet role possibly being fulfilled by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu right now) speaks volumes. Pay attention to every word that he says. We are a truly lowlife people right now. And based on our merits, he remains for now stuck in his dungeon of almost 28 years. Does Mashiach ben Ephraim live (biblical prophecy seems to say he will not survive)??   I don't know although I pray very much so.

But G-d is bringing Geulah anyway despite our lowlife selves because of the unspeakable pain and suffering of Jewish history and a promise that He made to Avraham, Yitzchak, and Ya'akov (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) that this Land will be ours forever.  I am not speaking about Brooklyn, New York.


  1. May G-d avenge the blood of our martyrs because at this time no one in the Govt (besides Bayit Yehudi, half of Likud, and half of Yisrael Beiteinu) wants to be bothered with promoting any sense of basic justice right now. They are either worshiping their god called World Public Opinion or Popularity or in the case of Bibi and Moshe Ya'alon they are simply cowering before the prospect of taking on the entire world. Applying the CFR playbook, we lose. Applying G-d's playbook, we win!

  2. I wish you would not mention any mashiach's name because (for lack of better words) it seems to make a jinx from the sitra achra himself.

  3. Medrash Sefer Eliyahu specifically mentions his name and so does the Talmud. Sefer Eliyahu say that Yinon shows up on the 20th (or 21st) of Elul. I kid you not that the medrash actually gives an exact date, but it does. The 21st of Elul is exactly 271 days after the UN Vote for Palestine on the 15th of Kislev 5773.

    This vote is significant for two reasons. 1. According to the Talmud in Niddah, 271 days is the exact length of pregnancy and could be the famous nine months mentioned in many places.

    2. 138 countries voted for Palestine and to divide Jerusalem back on the 15th of Kislev. The Talmud Yerushalmi goes out of its way to make a point, that the gematriah of both Menachem and Tzemach (two other names for Mashiach) is 138. So names for Mashiach do matter.

  4. I thought the nine months began on Tisha B'Av 5772. Whys is this date constantly moving?

  5. Dov, we have a job to finish here in Brooklyn, New York. That what exactly Lyubavitcher Rebbe Shlita meant when someone asked him why he is not moving to EY to bring Mashiah with other chassidim? He said: " we have work to do here( in New York to collect those Nitsutsot ) and the last thing I will move to EY is when Mashiah will come. All rabbis agreed to that that this is our last stop in North America and American Jews will greet Mashiah Tsidkeinu and he will redeem us from this exile, exile of North America.

    So please don't be so sarcastic to mention Brooklyn, NY all the time. The time will come, we all go to EY!

  6. Dov, you probably heard this shiur on Yaaks page recently and why you are so exiciting. Here is again the link of amazing shiur by rabbi Eli Mansour why we here in Brooklyn, NY and our purpose to collect last Nitsutsot and finishing Tikkun. Enjoy!

  7. The Lubavitcher Rebbe was the Nassi of the previous generation. He completed his job before he passed on 19 years ago. There were still sparks to collect in America 20 years ago. Now New York is granting ketubot to homosexuals. It is a barometer that there are no more sparks to collect (except for doing full time kiruv). New York City is now a nasty place. The future mayor will either be a lesbian who just married her girlfriend in a lavish ceremony or a former Congressman who exposed himself fully on the Internet. The Rebbe did not know New York at such a time. You are now peering through the dung of a jackass 20 years later. nothing else to collect in Brooklyn, unless you are doing full time kiruv.

  8. This is what you think, but all rabbis agreed that this exile of edom which is exile of north america will be the last exile. and Mashiah will take care of this job and like we left Egypt after collecting all Netsutsot, Mashiah will take us out from America after we will make that city empty. Nobody knows what left and what is not left to collect and making nonsense statement like nothing to collect is unacceptable, you are saying opposite what our rabbis said! You are making your own stories.

  9. who is Nasi now, Nir Ben Artzi?

  10. I follow myself our chahamim who are from the families traced back to David Hameleh (rabbi Eli Mansour one of them), Rav Haim Benoliel from Mikdash Meleh in brooklyn,ny and yeshiva in Yerushalaim who comes from haRambam and our chahamim including Maran Ovadia Yosef Shlita, who did not say a word thatwe have to come immediately!

  11. May be you know more that our poskim like rav Belski or Rav Lupyan and other great people?! Stop making your own stories, you are making chaos.

  12. And remember what I told you before, cats making human tamei!


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