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All It Takes for Evil…

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

“All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

Our town maintains a town email list.  Thousands of residents across all neighborhoods are part of the list, making synagogue announcements, buying and selling, announcing services, asking questions about schools and so forth.

This past Friday, erev Shabbos, I sent out this email notice:

- Chardakim Get Aliyot Here!  Stop by (our Chabad synagogue) -

Are your neighbors giving you hassle because you did army service?

Is your shul telling you not to come because you've been in Netzach Yehuda (Nachal Charedi) [the orthodox Jewish Israeli army battalion]?

Never getting an aliyah (called to the Torah) because you're helping guard the country and save lives?


At (our local Chabad synagogue) not only are you welcome, we'll make sure to put you in the aliyah schedule!

B'ahavat yisroel, EVERY Jew is welcome, every Jew qualifies for an aliyah and a portion of our Holy Torah!

EVERY soldier qualifies for a free l'chaim at the farbrengen!  (So does every Jew!)

Shacharis on Shabbos is…  Mincha this Shabbat at …

See you there!  KEN MIFAKED! (yes commander – in Hebrew)

I received the following email responses to this notice…

#1 – (from another local Jewish blogger) women get aliyot by (your Chabad synagogue)? (you said "every Jew"...)   :-) (joking)

#2 – (from a synagogue member and donor) I don't think the synagogue should be inserting itself into these political disputes.

#3 – (from a town resident) Kol HaKavod!  We were very impressed by your post encouraging love and acceptance of all of Am Yisrael!....but saddened to hear that any Jew would be shunned by his community for protecting the members and their families.   Shabbat Shalom, the … family, including a chayal (soldier).

#4 – (from a town rabbi on the charedi zealot side of town)  You are too much ;) (smile) have a good Shabbos, brought a smile to my face.

#5 - (from a town resident) So sad that men who protect the country are put in "herem." (excommunicated)  Thank you Chabadnikim Ha Tzaddikim for making them feel welcome!  Elokut!!!!  (G-dliness)

#6 - (from a town resident) Lovely announcement.  THANK YOU AND SHABBAT SHALOM !

#7 – (from a town resident) Kol Hakavod to you and your shul!!  Great message.

When some are causing hatred of others, we must stand up and push back.  Silence enables the zealots.

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