Friday, August 16, 2013


A Guru’s Message to Jews

by Reb Gutman Locks


     An Indian viewer who calls himself, “Hindu guru” left a comment by my video, Hinduism's Message to the Jewish People

     Today, wanting to make a sensible appearance to Westerners, Hindus like to claim that their religion really teaches monotheism, that they worship only one god. His note shows you what Hinduism actually teaches. His comment was accompanied with a link to a video showing Hindus worshipping cows, and drinking their urine!

     Remember, even if they try to hide it, Hinduism is the source of yoga, and yoga practices are designed to “yoke”[i] you to this.   (Yoga means “to yoke”, or “to unite”.  From the Hindi dictionary: “Yoga is a Hindi discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility.”)

The “Guru” wrote:

    “Please my brothers and sisters watch my videos how cows are so important. In Indian Hinduism cows hold a special place of importance and honor.

    Hinduism says that we have three mothers; the woman of our birth, the earth, and the cow. The cow is considered to contain in itself all the 330 million of gods and goddesses.

    And cow urine is very helpful for our health.

    The cow is the most respected and worshipped animal in India. In India the cow is considered sacred so, please everybody stop eating our mother cow.”

Reb Akiva adds:  Some wonder why we keep harping on yoga, after all stretching exercises are just exercises… aren’t they? 

Reb Gutman brings the exact reason above with the yoga definition as understood by the creators and (l’havdil) mesorah of yoga.  Yoga specifically combines a set of exercises, body positions, breathing patterns and a style of mental focus (meditations or relaxations) that are designed to bring the practitioner into a Hindu style consciousness.

The teachers that bring it into the Jewish community will say that they have removed the Hindu names and changed the words of the meditations to Jewish ones.  Is this enough to separate it from the Hindu style consciousness result?


  1. Yoga helps me be in touch with my body and thereby combat the yetzer harah by helping me be aware of when and how he attacks...I find it to have a very positive impact on my avodas HaShem

  2. So lets say we don't do yoga. Can we do stretching? As opposed to sitting in a chair all day, getting fat, high blood pressure, diabetes, back and neck pain, etc?

    In the end do we have to do stretches which are different than yoga moves?

  3. Exercise however you want, and Pilates is a good stretch oriented exercise program with no issues. Focused breathing and concentration together with positioning is a problem (unless one is intentionally trying to get into meditation - in which case there are some nice Jewish meditation approaches to try).

  4. The poor cow lloks embarrassed !!


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