Friday, July 26, 2013

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Young Father at the Kotel

At the Western Wall with… Reb Akiva? (on Mystical Paths)

I had an opportunity Wednesday to be in the Old City of Jerusalem, and that included a trip to the Kotel (the Western Wall).

It’s “bain hazmanim”, a brief vacation period for yeshivas.  Standing in the corner of the men’s section of the Kotel was this young chossid and father, saying tehillim (psalms) while caring for his 2 year old son.  The toddler is learning early and trying to join in…

2013-07-24 Grandpa Akiva Reuven Haviva in Jerusalem Old City 093

By the way, one might think after a long year of Torah learning the husbands would run off to vacation.  Rather one sees them running all about with the children as the wives take vacation!


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