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Why Tefillin?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


2,000 year old Tefillin found with the Dead Sea Scrolls

A reader asked:

Why do you place such import on wearing tefillin as opposed to doing other mitzvahs? Why do we see people looking to put tefillin on others rather than tzitizis (fringes) as an example?

Gutman’s response:

     Certainly no mitzvah is more important than another. Each has its own place, with its unique benefit. A good general rule is, the most important mitzvah of them all, is the one that you are engaged in. But having said that, still, tefillin have some unique qualities that make it particularly suited for reaching out to other Jews.

     Although tefillin are a “time-bound” mitzvah, their time is all day (from sunrise to sunset), and they are applicable everywhere. This makes it very convenient, since you never know when or where you are going to meet that Jew whom you have been sent to help.

     Jewish men are obligated to put on tefillin every weekday. We are not obligated to put on tzitzis, unless we are wearing a four cornered garment.

     When a Jew puts tefillin on his arm and upper forehead there is strong physical contact with the mitzvah. This makes an impact. He feels something different.

     But perhaps most important; if you see someone bowing, praying, lighting a candle, giving charity, or taking a day off, you cannot tell which religion he belongs to. But if you see a man putting on tefillin, you know that he must be a Jew. We are the only people in the history of the world who have ever had this practice. The Torah says that wearing tefillin is a sign that we are the people G-d took out of slavery in Egypt. So now we are His unique people.

     Since a woman is not commanded to put on tefillin, how does she receive the benefit of this wonderful mitzvah? She receives it by being the type of wife and mother whose husband and sons most certainly fulfill the holy commandments of Hashem.

     In a successful secular marriage, the husband and wife are 50/50 equal partners. This is a must! In a proper Jewish marriage, the husband and wife are one. This is a fact. 

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  1. The "tefillin" found in Qumran are the ONLY ones found from the second temple period. There are only a dozen or so examples of such which does not mean all Jews used them but indicates a small segment did. Therefore it is NOT from Sinai, it is purely a pharisee movement artifact, which is a 2200 year old movement. The fact that they appear does not mean God gave the command of amulets strapped to ones head and arm.


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