Thursday, July 11, 2013

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The Governor of Delaware at the Kotel

by Reb Gutman Locks


Governor of Delaware - Jack Markell

     Governor Markell has been the governor of Delaware since 2009. He is the only Jewish governor in the entire United States.

     When he walked into the Kotel area one of the men from the tefillin stand tried to get him to put on tefillin, but he did not want to. He was visiting with some 10 business dignitaries from Delaware. They are on a trip to Israel trying to encourage economic cooperation between Israel and Delaware.

     While the Governor was at the Kotel I talked his Director of Economic Development into putting on tefillin. He was a warm and friendly person.

     When the governor was walking out I went over and had to squeeze between the crowd that was escorting him. Word got out that he was a dignitary so a lot of the young men at the Kotel wanted to have their pictures taken with him. I stood very close to him, and softly said, “Governor, you are the only Jewish governor in the entire United States. Please do us all a favor. Be a good example. Come put on tefillin.”

     He agreed right away. When I was putting tefillin on him I said, “May G-d bless you with the wisdom that you need in order to do a good job and make your State successful.”

    He liked the blessing very much. He thanked me warmly. He read the Shema in English, and then I explained, “When you do a mitzvah, it opens a spiritual gate. Take the opportunity to pray for your loved ones, and for your State.” He prayed for quite a while.

     As you can see from the picture, it was an enjoyable experience for him.


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