Sunday, July 14, 2013

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Sadly Disconnected

 By Reb Akiva

I'm sitting in the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem waiting for a CT.  With a wait of up to an hour (that's with an appointment), I've got time to write even 1 handed on an ipad.  (Government medicine has its disadvantages, but the bill will be $5, so it has advantages as well.)

On the fast day of the 17th of Tammuz, 3 weeks ago, a secular Israeli coworker did not understand why we were fasting - while sitting in a new office tower in a vibrant living city of Jerusalem.

Today, two religious coworkers did not understand how they could walk past coworkers offices filled with music and fancy meat lunches during this period of mourning for the destroyed Holy Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

Both are right, and both are sadly disconnected from the other.  Jerusalem is a vibrant living Jewish city, filled with Torah and neighborhoods, schools, yeshivot, and parks and museums, medical centers and businesses and research centers and government offices as the capital of the modern State of Israel.  And the city is constantly growing, though international political forces have done everything they can to prevent it.

Yet the Jewish people control less than 20% of the Old City.  Even trying to remove a collapsed pile of dirt from in front of the Western Wall is considered an international incident that may spur riots or even war!  And with the Holy Jewish Temple remaining in ruins, we no longer even understand what we are missing without the Divine Presence being among us - and the majority of the Jewish people in this generation remain oblivious to our loss.

We should appreciate the incredible physical miracle of a rebuild and vibrant Jerusalem and all of Isarel.  But we must yearn for the next level, the spiritual miracle of the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdash and the return of G-d's Presence to this physical world.

May it be today!

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  1. The Temple Institute has a new display of the Klei HaMikdash. And we are hearing voices calling for building the Third Temple coming from our elected officials .. actual politicians. This is all encouraging.


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