Monday, July 08, 2013


Ouch (a little lighter blogging)

A set of marble stairs defeated the traction of my shoes and my dexterity, resulting in a fall and a broken bone.

Thank G-d, the injuries are not too serious.  But the cast and the discomfort will be slowing the rate of new posts for a time.

The 9 Days, a traditional time of trouble for the Jewish people and a time of remembrance of the destruction of the Holy Jewish Temple and the loss of the physical manifestation of G-d’s presence in this world is upon us.  Part of that remembrance is the tikkun (spiritual repair or fixing a problem within our people) of the avera (sin) of sinat chinam (baseless hatred of our fellow).  Baseless doesn’t mean we don’t think we have a reason, but it does mean an outside evaluation would consider it…baseless or ridiculous. 

There is much cultural conflict going on within Israel and the Jewish people at this time.  A lot of social commentary could be made, as both sides are doing and saying some absolutely ridiculous things.  But this is specifically the time to NOT focus on the negative, but rather the positive.

As much as I am able, that’s what we’ll be doing here for the 9 Days.


  1. May Hashem send you a refuah shlema.

  2. Just saw this ... Refuah Shleima!

    You can still "point and shoot" I hope. That would be a positive contribution to the blog. Capture the beauty of every day life.

  3. Refua shelema and shavua tov


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