Monday, July 15, 2013

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by Reb Gutman Locks


     We are told that the 2nd Temple was destroyed because Jews hated Jews for no reason. We are also told; in every generation that the Temple is not rebuilt, that generation is held accountable for its destruction. Well, that’s us!

     What can we do about it? First, we have to see if we still hate a fellow Jew for no reason, and obviously, if we do, we better stop it. Next, in order to rectify the causeless hatred, we have to give causeless love. In fact, we have to give twice as much of this love than the hatred we gave in order to override our mistake.

     But how it is possible to love your fellow Jew without reason? We are commanded to love each other! So there already is a reason to love them. It has to be that we must increase our love for each other. Maybe that will work.

     The Ari says, in order for there to be harmony between the Upper (Yud Kay) and Lower (Vav Kay) Worlds, there has to be harmony between the Jewish people.

     Most arguments happen when one person thinks that he has the truth and the other person doesn’t. And he may be right. Maybe he does have the truth.

     When Hashem first created the world He did so with the attribute of Truth. That’s how important it is. But when Hashem saw that the world could not stand up to such a high standard, He created Mercy to come into the world to throw down Truth, so there could be Peace. Peace is the goal, not Truth.

     We see that being right is not the most important thing. It is more important to be merciful so there will be Peace. Maybe, if we all try to do this real hard for the next few days, the 9th of Av will be changed into a feast instead of a fast.


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