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Ge’ulah (Redemption)


picture - The Messianic Temple-Clorfene

Someone asked:

     How can we keep davening (praying) for the Ge’ulah (Redemption) to come when better people than us have davened for it for 2,000 years and it hasn't happened yet? What is the point? How can we believe that we will, through our tefillos, (prayers) bring the Ge'ulah?

Reb Gutman Locks’s response:

     Why did Hashem hide the time of Redemption from our Forefathers? Because, if He would have told them that it will not be for thousands of years, who would have had the strength to survive? But, by expecting the redemption at any moment it gives us the extra support that we need when we feel down.

     But now we see that things are different. Of all time in the history of the Jewish people we actually see that the redemption has begun. Jews from all over the world are coming home. Today, for the first time in some 2,000 years, more Jews live in Israel than in any other place! This is certainly a sign that the Redemption is happening. This was prophesized, and although the Land laid barren for so long, still, we believed that some day we would be able to come home. And now it is a practical reality.

     Also, even though our ancestors were like giants, and we are like midgets, still, we can see further than they could, if only we stand on their shoulders. If we follow what they taught, and add our tiny, midget size learning and mitzvahs we will do even more than they did.

     Although each generation is lower than the previous one, today, we are so close to the Redemption our small deeds can make a bigger difference than some of our ancestors’ tremendous deeds.

     The Redemption is set to come no later than a certain date (its fixed time). It will not be later…but we can bring it earlier (suddenly), by doing just one little thing…and the mitzvah that is before us might very well be that one deed that has been lacking.


  1. B'itah B'itah B'itah, the Jubilee of Jubilees, Yom Kippur 5776, Motzei Shmittah 5775, the last Shmittah cycle before the Jubilee of Jubilees.

  2. 5776 instead of 1776 ce: Proclaim liberty throughout the Land (of Israel) unto all the inhabitants thereof!!

  3. So in 5775, the Shmittah year, there will be one last Great War between the West (Rome) and Persia. G-d only knows how many will die in that war. According to Yoel HaNavi's description of Date Palms of Smoke (mushroom clouds), that war will likely be nuclear. And those nations that come against Jerusalem before 5775 will be most affected in that war according to Zecharia 14. This is the b'itah scenario (5775/ 5776) that cannot be delayed anymore because it comes 72 years after the implementation of the Final Solution by the Nazis in the middle of 5702. The Shoah was the clop on the thigh vein at Alot HaShachar by the angel of Esav. Sunrise is exactly 72 ma'alot in minutes after Alot HaShachar. Since it comes in the merit of our interminable suffering, we can't blow it this time since it comes in the collective merit of our suffering.

  4. One last thing: In an unusual confluence of dates starting in 5775, Tisha b'Av falls out on Shabbat for four out of five years (5775, 5776, 5778, and 5779). It is a tremendous siman tov when Tisha B'Av falls out on Shabbat for four out of five years in a row.

  5. The key will be the reappearance of Prophesy in the 6th year of this Shmittah cycle, 5774, this coming year. The 6th year of this final Shmittah cycle is the year of Kolot: Kol mevaser mevaser ve'Omer x 3. This is the prophesy of Eliyahu haNavi.


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