Friday, July 05, 2013

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Finding G-d’s Presence

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     G-d is equally present everywhere at all times, but He hides Himself so we will have free will. It is our job to reveal His Presence, and this is, in fact, the very purpose of life.

      Here are some of the over fifty ways that the Book of Psalms describes the spiritual struggle that we have been given, and what happens when we have some success. The struggle is called seeking Hashem’s revealed Presence (gilui Shechina).

     The revelation is not merely being in awe of His majestic creation, nor simply seeing His hand intervene in your life. When this holy experience happens, you truly see that G-d is actually present. The reality comes, and you are “struck” with awe.

“Shine upon us the light of Your face (countenance) Hashem.

Why Hashem do You stand at a distance & conceal Yourself in times of distress?

The upright will behold His face

How long will you hide Your face from me?

I will be sated upon awakening by Your image.

From out of the brilliance that is before Him…

You gladden him with the joy of Your Presence.

Of those who seek strive for Your Presence

The secret of Hashem is to those who fear Him.

My eyes are constantly toward Hashem.

Hashem I love the shelter of Your House & the place of the residence of Your   


I asked one thing (would that) I dwell in the house of Hashem all the days of my 

           life to behold the delight of Hashem.

Seek My Presence, Your Presence Hashem do I seek.

Do not conceal Your Presence from me

Bow down to Hashem in the splendor of holiness…

When You concealed Your face I was confounded

They will be sated from the abundance of Your house and from the stream of  

       Your delights

As the deer longs for brooks of water so my soul longs for You O’ G-d, my soul

          thirsts for G-d.

When shall I come and appear before G-d?

By Your right arm and by the light of Your Countenance for You favored them.

Do not cast me away from Your Presence and the Spirit of Your Holiness do not

         take from me.

I seek You, for You thirsts my soul, long for You does my flesh in a land parched

          and weary with no water.

So to in the Sanctuary to have beheld You, to see Your might and Your Glory

The mountain of G-d is a majestic mountain, a choice mountain… that He

          chose for His abode

Kindness and truth precede Your Face

Hashem by the illumination of Your Countenance they walk

Majesty and splendor are before Him, might and splendor in His Sanctuary

Cloud and dense darkness surround Him……and the people saw His glory….

Hashem…majesty and splendor You have worn, donning light as a garment

Search out Hashem and His might, seek His Presence always

The upright will dwell in Your Presence”


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