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Every Blessing has Value!

via Lma’an Yishme’u


Chazal (our holy sages) say that even the blessing of an ordinary person should not be considered insignificant, for King David and (the biblical prophet) Daniel, no less, were blessed by ordinary people and the blessing bore fruit.

When King David bought the land for the Beis HaMikdosh (the holy Jewish temple) from a non-Jewish farmer, the farmer blessed him that the plague inflicting the Jewish people should stop, and his blessing was fulfilled.

Similarly, Daniel was blessed by King Daryavesh (Darius) that HaShem (G-d)should protect him from the lions in the den, and so it came to be.

(מגילה טו ע"א)

Chassidim of the tzaddik Reb Mendel Horodoker, among them the Alter Rebbe, once sat together and reviewed the Torah that they had recently heard from their Rebbe. After reviewing it numerous times, they discussed related matters in kedusha (holy topics), and one of them brought out some mashke (strong drink).

A chossid present, who had been suffering from a sickness for which the doctors had not found a cure, wept and asked those present to bless him with a full recovery. Some of the others queried: "Do we have the power to give a blessing?!" Some even rebuked him for believing in simple chassidim like themselves, for blessings, they held, are only in the power of tzaddikim. Without relenting, the chossid continued to plead from the depths of his heart. Thinking there was nothing they could do, his friends began singing niggunim (chassidic soul tunes), in the hope that this would calm him.

"Sha!" the Alter Rebbe called out. The niggunim stopped abruptly, and the chossid too fell silent. "My brothers and friends, have you forgotten the message that came down from Shamayim (Heaven) to the Chevraya Kaddisha?' (That is, the Holy Brotherhood, as the talmidim of the Maggid were known.) 'That which a farbrengen can accomplish, even Malach Michoel (Angel Michael) cannot accomplish.' "

The Alter Rebbe explained that when HaShem sees Jews blessing each other lovingly, He fulfills their requests immediately. The chassidim were aroused, and with brotherly love they blessed their fellow chossid with a complete recovery.

(אג"ק מהוריי"צ ח"ג ע' תי"ב)


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