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Eggs and the 9 Days

by Rabbi Nati

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A Maamar for the three weeks:

‘Likutey Halachot Beitzim, Halchah ה’.

“The Simonim (signs) of kosher Beitzim (eggs), ‘if they are either both sharp or the are both round these are not kosher for sure, but if one is sharp and one round then they can very well be kosher”.

It’s says in Likutey Tinyanna, (the second part of Likutey Morharan) “That there are nuts that called Luz, and the eggs are similar to the nuts called luz. In that it takes 21 days for the egg to develop (the embryo) into a chick, so does it take 21 days for the luz to develop, and this is like the 21 days that we practice the rights of mourning, from the 17th of Tammuz until Tish B’Av.

And through the practicing the mourning during these three weeks we have the merit to have the Nachma (the comfort). Just like it says in Shabbos Nachma, “Nachma nachmoni” To be consoled. The main comfort or consolation is through this little ‘Eitzim’ (bone) the Luz is that in the time to come we will be reconstructed in the Te’at Hameisim (resurrection) through this bone at the base of the skull. This is the consolation that no matter what happens to us here in this life we will come back life in the world to come through this little bone.

This is like the egg which is same as the Luz, the tree ‘Luz’, because we see that Hashem makes a person in his ‘Tzelim’ Image and Tzelim is germatria ‘Eitz’ Tree, and the Eitzem luz is where we do resurrection and so a person is the same as a tree “Adom Hu Eitz HaSede” person is a tree in the field, ‘HaSede’ the field of souls, so it all comes back together Eitz, tree Etzimso it is all connected. But there is a kashiah, a question. It looks from the outside strange, “how is it all connected”. Tzelim is a person and a person is a Tree and a tree is the luz. How is this Beitzah similar to the Eggos Luz ‘nut’ how is it connected to the Nachama, Why does it take exactly 21days? (A chicken embryo forms in 21 days). And this is why we eat an egg at the time of mourn in the Sudas Hafseket, Erev Tish B’ Av. Because it even more so hints that the egg is a reminder of the luz, the bone which we resurrect from.

And know that this is the main source of the real Nachama. This is our main hope, in ‘The Resurrection’. So when a person sits and cry’s over the Beis HaMikdash he has to console himself and should take comfort in the

So our hope is in the good end. For this is the main source of comfort. This is to remind us of the main source of Nachama. This is “Te’at Hameisim”.

So when a person sits and cry’s over the Beis HaMikdash he has to console himself he should take comfort in the fact that

This is all comes to show a person can never come into anything good or any good hope in any realm in life, but only through pain and suffering and Big…Big bitterness. This is the aspect of ‘Avelus’ mourning that we sit and cry over the destroyed Beis HaMikdash. But when you do this the crying over the pain of the Horban and especially the ‘main crying’ is over how really far in this galus and that we are very…very far from Hashem. Even then we can’t get stuck in this cry in this mourning, in the negativity but we must console ourselves in the fact in a big…big hope that we are really waiting for a good end that we will come out of this galus… this small mindedness… this concealment to a Big Light because Hashem’s Chassadim His mercy’s never end!!!

Because Hashem’s Chassadim did not and will never end, like it says in Eichah lamentations, Jeremiah says that “HaShem takes me into darkness and feeds me bitterness…until I had more than enough of bitterness” then he says at the same time “Avad Nitzchri (I lost my Eternity). But this I will make sure to embed to my heart that I will await the mercies of HaShem for they are new every morning.

Emunacha “Your faithfulness” in me why should I be down. Rashi states that since that there are new mercies every morning it is good hope and to be still and quiet and wait on the salvation of Hashem. A person who is quiet and hopes and hangs on to the Tikvah “The Resurrection” “|in the salvation of Hashem” He will for sure receive it.

And anyone who wants to see real life and be on top of his real life, should take good advice, consul in this that in every bitterness and every pain and every sorrow that he has passing on him, especially the suffering the real…Real Issurim the suffering of the Nefesh and the Galus… that our Neshoma.. “that we are so…so far from our Hashem” and of course we are hoping to go out of the bad into the good he has to especially when the Yeitzer Ha Rah gets bigger until he convinces us that we are lost forever. But we must encourage ourselves time and time again to bound by hope.

Because the ones that are always in hope will be the ones to be rescued. And we have to console and tell ourselves again and again that we still have hope to put right back in my heart. Like Rebbenu says Ain Shume Yeush b’olam kal! “There is no such thing as despair”. For Hashem’s compassion never…never ends he never stops having mercy on us forever.

Anyone who wants to come close to the kedusha of Am Israel the real kedusha must…must know that he is going to through lots and lots lots…sorrow… pain… suffering without measure and with end. You can’t even count the amount of pain and suffering that anyone who really wants to draw close to Hashem. The beginning of the Tzaddikim is pain and suffering but their end is rest. But everyone in Am Israel is like Tzaddikim in potential; we are all Tzaddikim in our essence just like it says “Your whole nation is all Tzaddikim”. Anyone who wants to draw close to the kedusha of Am Israel must know it only comes by suffering. If you have this nice chilled life then know you got nothing through it. We would not be able to bear this suffering; But Hashem gives His very tried people strength to suffer it. How? How do we get the strength to make it? By hoping in a good end in the merit of the Tzaddik HaEmes or in the Tzaddikim HaEmetim that already conquered it. So one is hope and the other is to emulate the Tzaddik trying to be like the Tzaddik. And all this is hinted in the luz nut, and the egg because in the world in general and these in particular egg nut, everything has a hint that is very big and wondrous to bring closer to Hashem. Everything we see or experience contains a Remez or hint of Hashem, Emes it is no small matter, it is a big thing that is hidden and wonderful of how to serve Hashem through it. If you really seek to serve him then everything will be a jump start. For everything was only us to get closer to Hashem. If we really…really seek and look for it we will find Him in our senses. Through the food through every action and reaction it is all from Him to buy the Da’as of Hashem to come to close to Him. This is really Olam HaBa right hear and now, it’s just that it is all mixed up it is our job to sort out and reveal Hashem in this world and make it Olam Haba. This is the Olam Haba in this world because that’s the only reason for thing to exist so that we should find Hashem in all of it. And it all gets its life force from the advice of the Torah. Suffering is only to appreciate the world to come.

We need understand this is why the luz and the egg are hints to remind us of the main source of consolement that is they end up in exactly 21 days are directly connected 21 days of bein it all comes to teach us that we can’t come to a safe haven of hope without first going through avelus suffering and pain “be so happy with her “Jerusalem” who? all the people that avelot for her. Chazal tells us that tanint whoever is in avelut on yerusalem has the merit to actually see her in happiness. So in order to be happy in Yerusalem you have to be in pain over its destruction. So order for us to develop our hearts which is the real yeru salem yeri salem full fear is to have broken heart to put mourning glory instead of ashes, glory and ash are the same letter in a different order. This is the same for every person in prat and klal when it comes to galut and suffer and pain. The suffering is the way to buy the good in this world and the world to come it is the same in spirituality. We have to understand that the suffering how we buy the world to come and to be close to HaShem especially in the dark places that’s how you buy Hashem.

By the tzaddikim, by them the avelus is totally attached to the hope consolemant that’s why they never reach to despair never why? Because they are always attached to HaShem through their hope. And then because they do this they merit a good end. So if you want to always merit a good end we have to be always attach to Hashem through the pain and suffer and actually go to a higher level to the level of thanking Him and move up a notch. Until eventually we conquer the whole thing. This is what is meant by the eggs this whole topic is a remez because when they both have rounded or two sharp heads it is for sure its tamei. This is the life of people far from the truth for when they have pain and suffering or anguish they have no hope to come out of it they just sit and rot in their sorrow that tamei it for sure wrong they have no belief to overcome the darkness so they stay stuck in their worries and bitterness until they become totally separated from HaShem and the Torah and totally separated from the Tzaddik HaEmes completely. Without hope you can’t not attach to the Tzaddik or the Torah thus from Hashem and this is Avoda Zarah. They stay in la la land for some times they it really good so they fill their mouths with laughter and with good food and drink and holidays and thus forget their troubles. And miss the truth completely this is like the eggs that have both sharp or round ends which are tamei. cad this is why we eat eggs and lentils in mourning it’s like a circle that comes around the world everything is round cad is like boldness and happiness with a mouth for this is the opposite for an avel has no mouth no joy.

All of this reminds of the resurrection and Geula for then we will all be happy with our mouths filled with joy for we will be like dreamers…


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