Thursday, July 25, 2013

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by Reb Gutman Locks

A reader asked:

      I read in your book[i] about a woman in Jerusalem who didn’t like her glasses so she went to a spiritual healer, but ended up experiencing all sorts of mental problems. Also, you wrote about a guy who ended up wrestling with an evil spirit because he was moving away from Judaism.

      Were these normal, rational people prior to their experience, and if so, how is it possible to go back to a normal life after experiencing “evil spirits”?

 Gutman’s response:

      A Jew is likened to the Hebrew letter “yud.” The word Jew begins with this letter. When a Jew moves away from Torah prescribed spiritual practices and seeks in idolatries or magical practices, his or her yud begins to diminish. Depending on the person and the depth of their practice their yud can almost completely disappear. When this happens, the Jew has opened himself to a “shin-dalet.” Shin-dalet is literally translated as a demon.

      This spiritual demon attacks the Jews horribly, and can torment him even to the point of complete insanity! Then, at that stage, the Jew who is in such distress will try anything to get rid of that shin-dalet, even teshuva (repentance).

      If he returns with all his might, his yud will also begin to return. The stronger his teshuva the quicker and stronger will his yud return. Then, if he tries with all his heart, he will see his yud grab onto the shin dalet, and actually attach itself to the shin dalet’s tail!

      At that point, the Jew will see the shin dalet turn into Shin dalet yud. Shin dalet yud is one of Hashem’s names. When a Jew strays into the spiritually unclean world Hashem in His kindness sends him a demon to drive him away from that evil place.

      Are these actual spiritual entities, or are they just imagination? To the person experiencing them, it makes no difference. The experience is dreadfully real.

[i] Coming Back to Earth


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