Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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An Apple Seed

by Reb Gutman Locks

An Apple Seed


     A Shabbos guest asked: You say that the spiritual is everywhere, so then, where is the spirituality in an apple seed?


Gutman’s reply;


     To you, an apple seed is a small nuisance that you spit out when you are eating an apple… it tastes terrible. But if you take that little nuisance, and put it in the ground, give it some water from time to time, and sunlight, after a while an amazing thing happens. A sprout begins to grow! Out of the tiny, seemingly lifeless pit, life is growing!


     If you continue to care for it, a small tree will grow, and then, with time, a huge tree will grow… all this from that tiny thing that you spit out. And soon, that tree is going to have hundreds of apples growing on it. Each one of these apples will be nutritious, and taste good, too.


     Then, after you eat all of the apples, next year, the tree is going to fill up again, and again, year after year. Thousands upon thousands of delicious apples all coming from that one seed that you spit out. And amazingly, each one of these apples is going to have some of those same little dark seeds that you are going to spit out. And like their “father” seed each of these seeds will be able to do the same thing the first one did when you planted it.


     Where is the life in that seed? You can’t see it, but obviously it is there. The fact is, everything has life in it, even a rock. If we could look close enough at a rock we would see molecules moving around inside. There is life even in a rock. But the life in a rock manifests itself as a rock, inanimate. The rock doesn’t move. It doesn’t grow. It doesn’t have feelings.


    But the life in a plant manifests as a plant… organic, growing, nutritious. The life in an animal does even more. It moves wherever the animal chooses to go. Unlike the rock, it feels pain and comfort. And the life in man comes with even more. It brings free will, imagination, hope….


     The spiritual essence fills and surrounds all. It manifests each object according to that object’s purpose in creation. And perhaps most amazing of all, this Life that is in each and every object throughout creation, is a single one. “Blessed is the Life of all the worlds.”[i]



[i] After blessing for certain foods


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