Sunday, June 30, 2013

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WWWhat Acts are Ok???

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Someone in synagogue this Shabbat tried to bring a example of a chassidic situation of how G-d is running the world from the television show Big Brother.  I’ve heard of this show (and know there’s a local Israeli version) but never seen it (thank G-d).  I told the person I didn’t have a reference for their example, and then pointed to a friend in synagogue, a chossid and a shochet (ritual kosher slaughterer) and said he’d probably never even heard of it.  They actually asked him and he responded “Big cows I know about (he slaughters or checks the slaughtering of hundreds of cows per week), Big Brother I don’t.”

There is certainly no blessing in being up to date on modern entertainment culture, and it could easily be argued there’s no redeeming quality whatsoever.

My teenagers occasionally accuse me of having more grey in my beard (guilty), and being out of touch (not sure).

On Friday I posted a story of my sister-in-law being verbally attacked at work after being forced to state her opinion on same gender marriage, with her stating a traditional religious position, after which she was threatened with discrimination.

I thought in America it was legal to have an opinion but illegal to discriminate.  What I found from people’s responses is that it is illegal to have an opinion but legal to discriminate if the opinion differs from modern entertainment culture. 

I guess I am out of touch…. thank G-d.


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