Sunday, June 23, 2013


What in the World?!?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


“First graders…self initiated meditation at the zoo…”   (Someone posted this picture & caption on the internet)

Gutman’s Response:

     Who is teaching these Jewish boys to “meditate” like that? That is not the way a Jew holds his hands (palms together) when he meditates, nor when he or she does any spiritual act.

     That hand position is found in x-tian and Eastern religions where is it often seen, and has its significance according to their traditions and beliefs.

      Although there is no mandatory Jewish hand position during prayer, custom favors holding the hands over the heart with the right hand over the left.[i]  The position may change according to the local convention of how one would stand before a king in that locale.[ii]

     It is not that those boys are guilty of worshiping an idol by holding their hands like that, but you have to ask, where are they learning such things? The real problem is, if someone is teaching these children those hand positions, they are almost certainly teaching them other, non Jewish spiritual ideas, too.

     Here are a few common concepts that non Jewish religions teach that seem to make sense, but they contradict the Torah. Such mistaken ideas learned as a child (or even as an adult) could mislead a person for their entire life.

Where is G-d?

They teach that G-d is in the hearts of good people.

The Torah teaches that G-d is everywhere.


They say that deliverance comes from belief in their god and in their religion.

The Torah teaches that deliverance comes from your deeds.


They say that sinners burn in hell forever.

The Torah teaches that hell is a temporary stage that the soul goes through until it pays the bill for its sins. Then it moves on to receive the reward for its good deeds.

The Devil

They say that Satan is a fallen angel who successfully rebels against G-d.

The Torah says that G-d sends Satan to strengthen & purify us.

G-d on Earth

They teach that sometimes G-d comes into the world as a unique person, as a man-god, or an avatar.

The Torah says that G-d fills all of us. He is Omnipresent.


They say that he will be a man-god, the son of god.

The Torah says that he will be a normal person, born in a normal way, and that we are all the children of G-d.

Spiritual Life

They say that the most successful spiritual people withdraw from the world, monasteries, ashrams, or mountain tops and wildernesses.

The Torah teaches that spiritual people are involved in the world and improve it by using it for holy purposes.


They say that everything you do and whatever you receive, is fixed according to your karma.

The Torah says that you can turn any time you want, and you will change what happens to you.


They say that everyone has to convert to their religion.

The Torah says that non Jews should not convert to Judaism, but should keep the 7 Basic Laws of all Mankind.

The World

They teach that the world is evil, or an empty illusion.

The Torah teaches that the world is real, albeit temporary. In fact, this world is the Garden of Eden, a gorgeous opportunity, if you use it for holy purposes.

[i] Shulchan Aruch 95,3

[ii] Mishna Berura 95,6


  1. There was a "International Yoga Month-June" going on around the world. This is worse than we thought.

    There were unknowing idol worshipers doing Yoga on the Beach or boardwalk in Tel Aviv! The picture is on the inside cover of the JPost paper edition; couldn't find pic online.

    The world is swept up in this Yoga craze, bringing so many to make positions to the Yoga diety. What a confusion this must be making in Shomayim?!

  2. All I could find was here: 'yoga month' in Tel Aviv was from June 6-July 2, posted on a Russian blog. Seems they have imported the craze to Israel.

    In America, Sept is national yoga month. I wonder if there is a different month for different countries, so in effect the whole year is covered??

    This seems more insidious than innocently open.


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