Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Reform goes after Orthodox in Israel

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

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- Jews of Israel part of the Reform movement = 0.007%

- Jews of Israel part of ultra-orthodox movements = 12-15%

(Ynet) Education Ministry to give haredi education system four months to reach agreement with State regarding core curriculum – or it will be forced upon them.

Most people would agree their children’s education is their own business.  Though many states and countries require education of children in a certain age range (in Israel compulsory education is ages 6-16), almost every country allows the parents to choose to which school or education program the children will be sent.  This may be a state funded school, a religious institution, or home schooling.

But in Israel the Reform Movement has decided they will force the Israeli government to drag the charedi children into a government mandated curriculum…

Following an appeal from 2010 by the Israel Religious Action Center – of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (Reform Judaism movement in Israel), the government instituted a plan to require non-public schools to instruct three core subjects for 2 hours a day: math, English and Hebrew or Arabic.  For another 2 1/2 hours, instruction in science, civics, cultural heritage, social and life skills, and physical education is required.  The additional subjects of humanities and social sciences including Bible, Jewish and Zionist history, Hebrew literature, geography, Israeli culture, heritage and Jewish religion remain recommended (and receive additional funding) but optional.

th (15)Two points:

- Jewish orthodox schools in the U.S. fit secular studies into about 3 hours a day, and many of their graduates head off to college or other professional study tracks. 

- You think you’re going to shove “cultural heritage”, “social skills”, “Israeli civics” down the throats of the ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel?  You might get them to do some math and science and Hebrew, assuming they’re allowed to put it into the last 1 1/2 of the day (and assuming the State is willing to fund them hiring orthodox teachers of their choice).  But if you go farther than that, you’re just waging a culture war.

…And this is exactly the kind of culture war the orthodox have fought in the past.  Fought in Europe against the Russians, against the Germans, against the Reform.  And they’re still here (while the Czar and Kaiser are gone).

This is a straight out massive cultural attack meant to crush the charedim.  It can and will hurt charedi institutions, but it will only strengthen their resolve.

This is NOT the way to effect positive change.  It is a way to attack.  Somehow I think the ones doing this know that.


  1. Akiva, in your opinion, what would be a positive way to create positive change within Israeli society?

  2. Of course it's an attack and I totally agree with you. So is Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennet's push to draft the Haredim.

    But IMO, and I think in the spirit of this blog that definitely believes that Hashem's hands are in everything, this attack will merely 'backfire' on the reforms and the anti-Haredis. This is it. The seculars are sick of the secular country and this is the backdoor way to get the Haredim to take over the country in the army and in the economy. The reforms are merely tools of Hashem. Israel is going fast forward into becoming a religious state.

  3. Josh, sounds interesting. Could you be a little more specific and describe how this will come about?

  4. mashiach will come and make justice against the erev rav,blood will be spilled and their arrogance will be humiliated.Dead to erev rav,long life to israel!


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