Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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Israeli Embassies Worldwide Replaced by Chabad Houses

ch(IsraelHaYom) The Israel Foreign Ministry's employees' union announced Monday that it is halting consular services given to Israelis and tourists abroad due to a labor dispute (demand for increased salaries and benefits – while the country is forced to increase taxes due to a deficit and cut services to the poor)…  "Effective immediately, all consular services given by Israeli missions [worldwide] are suspended," read a memorandum sent to all Israeli diplomats on Sunday evening.

Israeli tourists who find themselves stranded abroad are advised to turn to a local Chabad house for assistance, (Israel) Army Radio said.

"We would be happy to assist any Israeli or Jew in need… we will do everything we can to help," Rabbi Mordechai Levenhartz, who heads the Chabad house in Kiev, Ukraine. "We are unable to issue visas, I'm afraid, but we can offer a comfortable place to stay and a hot meal."  (And help for anyone in need.)

Find your nearest official Chabad House here.  (There’s some unofficial but equally as wonderful ones around as well that are not on that list.)


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