Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Be Sifted because The End is Near!

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

th (13)- A reader sent a letter which noted some approach corrections, ending with:

"The times we live in are ones of “birur” and each person will shortly be called upon to make a reckoning"

- Another intense chossid sent me a link to his new article, which says:

In Chapter 3 and 4, the Prophet Isaiah tells us what to expect in the End of Days.  He lets us know who will be worthy of being around to see it and who will have to be sifted out before the Moshiach will arrive.

These people wanted to let me know that the end is near, and I want to be doing everything right (by their definition) to be on the right side of the scale when it shortly comes.  Very nice of them!

-- Being Sifted --

There’s a number of complex concepts in Jewish End of Days scenarios.  One of those is that the righteous are going to be sifted and separated to work together with Moshiach (the righteous redeemer).  One interpretation for this says that all the Jewish people, and even all the righteous among the nations (all the good people of the world) have a direct part of this experience.  A very narrow interpretation says only a few thousand will qualify and make it through the process.

The people who contacted me mean, “do it our way (our particular Jewish religious issue or approach) and you’ll be on the right side”.

-- The End is Near --

Technically any of our lives could end today (G-d forbid), and ALL of our lives (everyone currently reading) will end within the next 120 years or so, if not a bit sooner.   (And assuming the Messiah doesn’t come and/or science doesn’t find ways to significantly extend human life and it’s provided to the general public).  Yet for the last 30 years or so segments of orthodox Judaism have spent an inordinate amount of time worried about The End. 

It may be true The End is Near.  We’ve noted on this blog many signs of the Geulah, and seen many world events align with Biblical Prophecy.  BUT, no Torah scholar, no Gadol (Jewish religious leader) has said “stop everything, the end is near – go pray and learn in the last moments!!!”

Rather they’ve said “Do more!  More good!  More mitzvot!  More Torah!  Build another school, another yeshiva, another kollel, build another Chabad house, an outreach program, a charity fund, do things to help the sick, the widow, the orphan, the needy, DO MORE – BUILD MORE – REACH FOR MORE!” 

If the End is Near, get more good in!  And if not, make the world a better place!  A win-win response!

Or we could run around in terror, worried at any moment we’ll be called before the Great Judge.  We could obsess over every negative commandment, closing our eyes so we can’t see, plugging our ears so we can’t hear, locking ourselves in a room so no transgression can pass our way.

I know which side I’m on.


  1. Yes, I, too, hope the end is near.
    The end of the nations on our back.
    The end of the Satan's interference in life.
    The end of the yetzer hara interfering in our lives.
    The end of the hostile arabs.
    The end of miseries, hunger, catastrophes, sadness and death.

    Yes, I also hope the end is near!

  2. The sifting process already took place: in Spain (inquisition), Germany (holocaust)and Soviet Russia.
    Those Jews intermarried, and they got lost. Like Rav Miller said: The wicked remained, converted, and the good ones continued.


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