Sunday, May 26, 2013


Tumas Hagar/Ketura – Yoga

by Fayga Marks @ Mystical Paths

I’m angry.  I’m frustrated.  I’m fuming.  How can holy Jewish women see this and even have the slightest thought that it’s kosher?


It’s called Yoga.  Yoga is a Hindu religious practice.  And Hinduism is, according to Jewish religious definition, clear avodah zarah.  This is not in question or debatable.  What people try to debate and disassociate is yoga from Hinduism, to say that positioning your body in Hindu worship stretching worship positions is “just exercise”.  “Just exercise” that "just so happens” to always include very particular positions, particular meditative thinking (that “just happens” to be literally the opposite of the goals of Jewish meditation), and particular patterned breathing.

But I’m told yoga is ok because “my rabbi said as long as there is not an actual idol in the room, it’s not avodah zarah”.  (Has this rabbi ever read tractate avodah zarah?  Or investigated yoga’s background, goals and leading practitioners?)

So how does a Hindu religious practice slip it’s way into Jewish religious neighborhoods?  It’s Tumas Hagar!  (Tumah means spiritual impurity.)  Berashis 21:9  Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian…become depraved (worshipping idols)… 21:14  He sent her away.  and Berashis 25:1.

The names of the Hindu gods are the names of the decedents of Yishmael!  And the name of top Hindu cast is derived from Abraham – Brahmins!  (See Berashis 25:1, and Rashi states that Ketura is Hagar.)   Hinduism is literally the tumah that Sarah had sent away!


Holy Jewish women have always literally been the foundation of Am Yisroel.  This is not some silly thing about tznius or being dedicated to raising a family.  This is literally women standing strong on their moral values and being focused on the value of a stable family being the literal foundation, strength and stability of Jewish society.  Without it the Torah world crumbles.

This is a simple matter of incompatibility.  You can’t take a mikvah with a bug in your hand.  You can’t be tznius and hot.  You can’t be flirty and modest. 

Devarim 32:16 They provoked His jealousy with alien practices.  You can’t kasher pork.  And you can’t remove the prohibition from the practices of idol worship.

This is the other side trying to destroy the family from the inside, from the foundation.  Quietly and silently eating away and the moral basis of yiddishkeit.

One way to tell when something’s inappropriate is in how strong people defend it (when it’s a minor activity like exercise).  Why would people go crazy over a particular exercise practice?  What’s the big deal about substituting one stretching exercise for another?  Why are so many female yoga practitioners so INTENSE about it?  Why do many people literally call yoga addictive?  (The vast vast majority of such addicted practitioners being women.)


  1. R Gutman has written extensively and instensely on this. its very sad that there are people who dont seem to understand the true implications and spiritual and physical harm(physical harm sometimes) this can cause. i am a noahide who lives in this environment. i pray all will heed r gutman's and this warning.

  2. The problem is that no structured program of kosher meditation has been set up for people with this kind of spiritual need.

    More than just a few, but still brillant books, we need a new, strong and internationally renowned movement of KOSHER meditation!

  3. Why not put a permanent link in this blog (in the right side of the site for example) to articles explaining how and why yoga is not kosher ?



  5. WOW!




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