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Losing It for Torah

th (4)We received a Holy Alert, to send to ALL RELIGIOUS JEWS AROUND THE WORLD.  It’s an emergency… all mitzvot have failed, we have all been corrupted.  Not to worry, though yes worry, be afraid because terrible things are happening.  However, the author has spotted the problem and is ready with the solution.

There was a time when G-d sent holy prophets to warn the people.  Sadly, it didn’t always work or help, and eventually we no longer merited such direct messages from G-d – and our nature and the order of society meant we were no longer open to such direct messages.  There was a later time when preachers giving mussar, men who went around with a holy message tried to awaken people to Yirat Shamayim, fear of heaven, to improve their deeds and the moral character of society.  Yet over time this became ineffective and only fostered depression among the people – and was similarly given up as ineffective.

The negative message rarely works.  Oh, it has it’s place.  A touch of the negative message mixed in with positive reinforcement has tremendous effect.

But forget all that, we’re all sinners and we’re all going to heck…  I’m feeling inspired to change my ways already…

…The U.S. is the last place in the world where Torah will flourish before Moshiach's arrival. This (warning) must be said because the U.S. is the example for all other frum communities of the world…and has exported her style of our Holy Torah to all other kehillos (Jewish communities) all over the world.

I must say how much I weep every day and worry and beg that Hashem have pity on all of us. But as much as
He is warning us, the U.S frum society, we are not listening.  The tragedies lately, go far beyond the norm, and the Jews that are dying daily, young, middle-aged, and old, are far beyond the numbers that would normally be.
Still we do not listen.

[Terrible things do happen, G-d should help, but the live expectancy and health level of every American community continues to increase.  The worst “tragedy” that I can think of was the beach front Jewish community being seriously damaged, with no loss of life, during the last hurricane in New York – no loss of life is pretty amazing.  Where’s the statistics or evidence of “tragedies going far beyond the norm”???]

I am crying out in order to save disillusioned yiden (Jews) from destruction, in order to bring to yeshuah (redemption) with as few korbanos (losses) as possible. We are going into total darkness.  Only those who truly wait and want the yeshuah, only those who truly trust and love Hashem, will survive.

[The world is looking pretty scary right now, and economics are rough for many.  Yet I’ve been hearing these kinds of warnings every year for the past 20 years.  Kind of gets repetitive.]

Why does tragedy not make them change? [Umm, because there’s more shul’s, more yeshiva’s, more learning, more children and grandchildren, thank G-d?]  The reason is that we have become cooled off. We are not
feeling the fiery love of Hashem. We do not cry over our Bais Hamikdash (Holy Temple) because our hearts have been cooled off. The gashmius (materialism) has cooled us off and we have ceased to have a true yiddishe (Jewish) heart.  [Because poverty is good?  Less synagogues, less yeshivas and more hungry children make us…closer to G-d?????  Huh?]

When a yungerman (young married man) goes into kollel (study group) with a cell phone or allows his wife to
wear a human hair sheitel (wig) or allows his wife to work in an office with men or goes to see a movie or eats
questionable food or goes to Disneyland or any one of the hundreds of things people do that are not even considered against Yiddishkeit, this person can not really learn or give over Torah.

When leaders, Rosh Yeshivahs, Rosh Kollels feel obligated to gevirim (the wealthy) that support them and must lower their standards of yiddishkeit because of this, then their Torah can not be Torah. When Am Yisroel is tolerant of one another because each one wants to keep his little aveiros (sins) without criticism, then the Torah can not be Torah.

Well there you have it.  The standard confused zealous STUPIDITY.  I do not say stupidity because zealotry is innately bad or prohibited (though it usually is).  Rather because this person is woefully UNINFORMED and IGNORANT…

- The current standards of modesty within the Jewish religious world are at the highest level in the last 150 years!  Yes you heard that right, the chumrot (additional stringencies) commonly applied right now are far beyond any that existed for previous generations.

- Cell phones are innately evil?  As with any tool, they can be used for good (Torah phone on the way, sharing a word of Torah with a friend, making calls for chesed {good deeds} or business {to support one’s family and community and synagogue}) or, G-d forbid, for negative purposes (sharing gossip).  NO gadol Torah (Torah leader) has prohibited cell phones or regular phones.  (They have prohibited phones with Internet access where not required for business purposes and with proper filtering.)  What a blessing a cell phone is for a husband and wife when the wife is pregnant and waiting to deliver!

- Wigs are innately evil?  This is a completely NEW stringency!  Frankly, the majority of religious women, yes even in the ultra orthodox communities, DID NOT EVEN COVER their hair in the 50’s.  Yes, there are some gedolim (Torah leaders) who have stated for THEIR communities a wig is not an appropriate hair covering (others, such as the Lubavitcher Rebbe, specifically said the opposite long before this new stringency).  But by ANY standard a wig is an UPGRADE of modesty from 3 or 4 generations ago.

- Questionable food???  Kosher food standards today are FAR ABOVE the levels even 1 and 2 generations ago.  You can barely purchase non-mehadrin or non-glatt meat, if it’s kosher it’s glatt kosher.  Chalav Yisroel (special standard milk) products are available in almost every Jewish community of any size (this was not true 1 generation ago).  Pas Yisroel (special standard baked goods), even Yoshon (special standard wheat products), readily available if not the absolute majority in every orthodox Jewish community. 

Shtuss, it’s all shtuss.  There are plenty of wonderful improvements the Jewish religious community can make.  But this person is looking for heaven on earth and fails to give credit to the incredible IMPROVEMENT of standards over the last 3 generations!

- And worst of all, he allows his wife to work!  And Rosh Yeshivot feel obligated to wealthy men who support (the yeshivas and kollels).

OH MY, you complain about materialism, about working, about the wealthy, and then complain that the wealthy support Torah institutions!  The horror, having wonderful kind considerate generation wealthy who support the synagogue, kollel, yeshiva, and the poor of the community, allowing you to learn Torah (because they’re paying the kollel to cover your stipend) and only send your wife to work.  Thank G-d the Jewish communities have such wonderful successful and generous members!!!  What a blessing they are to all of us, materially and spiritually!

th (5)But finally we come to the core of this person’s position…

“When Am Yisroel is tolerant of one another”

The absolute horror, being tolerant and having Ahavas Yisroel, love of your fellow. 

My dear brother so concerned about his fellow, for faults go look in the mirror.  For merits, go out on the street and look at your brothers and sisters among the Jewish people.  That’s Torah!  Yours is the path of the Yezter, the other side.


  1. Was this a real conversation that you had with someone? Or is it a hypothetical conversation?

  2. Excerpts of an actual email "urgent newsletter to all frum yidden" I received.


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