Thursday, May 02, 2013

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Lag B’Omer Thoughts


The bonfires have burned down, the celebrations just a memory.  Yet for a moment the Jewish people of Israel (now the majority Jewish population in the world and exceeding 6,000,000) stood together in celebration.

Somehow the Torah, specifically the mystical Torah, of a single rabbi brings together almost every Jew of Israel, if just for a brief moment.

Torah lights the way.  It’s the heart and core of the Jewish people, but it’s also the primary moral foundational principles of Western society.  The principles of self worth, of people having individual rights, even of law and order and a fair neutral justice system… all come from the Torah.


Yet specifically as modern society loses sight of it’s Creator, it’s in the midst of moral darkness that the mystical light of the inner Torah, shines through.  It’s the very antidote to the darkness, the path of connection to the essence of G-d Himself.

So while few are versed in the mystical path, all can benefit from some of it – and can access it today via chassidus and mussar and other special paths.

And that’s worth celebrating… seeing the light in the darkness.


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  1. The majority of Jews still live in chutz la'aretz.
    The plurality (i.e., less than 50% but more than other places) might be in Eretz Hakodesh, but lav davka. Many Jews in US and Russia don't show up in the surveys, whereas in Israel there is the opposite phenomenon, r"l.


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