Tuesday, May 07, 2013

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Holy! What is Holiness?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     “Holy, Holy, Holy, the whole earth is filled with His glory.”[i] If the whole earth is filled with His glory, then what is holy, and what is not? Is the whole earth holy? In fact, what is holiness?

     Simply stated; whatever points to G-d is holy, and whatever hides the revelation of His Presence is unholy. G-d is holy, and He wants us to be holy so we will be able to appreciate His holiness. He wants us to reveal His hidden Presence in everything we do. This is why He places our lives within our bodies, and puts us here in His creation. Creation is a tool, an opportunity that He gives to us so we can accomplish His purpose.

     The truth is that only G-d is holy, and anything that we call holy, be it a Torah scroll, a unique teacher of Torah, tefillin, mezuzahs, a coin given to the poor, or even those old Shabbos candle holders, are called holy because they point to Him. He is the holy One.

      Since G-d is everywhere, what then is the “Presence of G-d” (Shechina)? The Presence of G-d is the revelation of His Presence. When that most glorious experience occurs, it only lasts for the briefest moment. And what does the man or woman so blessed see? He does not see G-d. Man cannot see G-d and live. He sees that G-d is really present. This is not merely an intellectual understanding. It is the actually “seeing” that G-d is really here.

     This experience fulfills the purpose of life. There is no greater joy in creation. If it would last more than a moment the person experiencing it could not stay in his body. The great joy would release him from his attachment to his body and he would pass on into the next world.

[i] Isaiah 6:3


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