Friday, May 03, 2013

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Getting Close with Prayer?

by Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths


A Bnei Noah[i] asked: 

I want to know how can I get closer to God? How do I pray, and what do I pray?

Gutman’s answer:

You should pray as if you are speaking to your father who is standing right in front of you. If you are in public you should pray silently. The more intense you feel, the more your prayers should be internal. Yelling when you pray is a sign of feeling distant from G-d, and screams do not bring Him closer. It is said that the charity box with the least coins makes the most noise.

     G-d is infinite. He is everywhere at all times. He fills and surrounds all. He hears your thoughts, and when He answers with a voice, it is the small still voice that the prophets recounted.[ii]

     As to; “getting closer to G-d” … if you are thinking in terms of distance, there is no close or far from the Infinite. There can never be disconnection from the Infinite. But there is the feeling of close or far, emotionally. Someone can very well say, “I want to get closer to my parents.” He does not mean that he wants to move into their neighborhood. He means that he wants a warmer, more intimate relationship with them.

     Remember this when you want to come closer to G-d. You want a warmer, more intimate relationship with your Creator. How do you realize this treasure? Speak lovingly to Him. Follow His instructions with joy. Call Him often to say, “Thank You,” and “I love You.” These are the things that make you realize just how close He already is.

[i] A non Jew who keeps the 7 Noahide Commandments

[ii] 1 Kings 19:12


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