Monday, May 06, 2013

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Feeling Black

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

In Israel, to be black, also called being a penguin or a parasite, is to be part of the ultra-fervent orthodox Jewish community, where the men dress in a white shirt, black pants, black coat and a black hat.

(Times of Israel) Finance Ministry’s proposed Budget Arrangements Law for 2013-2014…

National Religious and secular schools that teach 100% of the (Education Ministry Approved) curriculum will receive 100% funding. The Independent Education systems of United Torah Judaism and the Shas party’s Maayan Hachinuch educational stream that teach 100% of the core curriculum will be funded at only 75%.

One could argue about the propriety of a government financing anything other than a purely secular education. However, once the government makes a decision to fund even religious schools – providing they teach the core curriculum – then that decision should be applied to all children who meet the criteria, without discrimination.

By choosing to fund National Religious schools that teach 100% of the core curriculum at the same rate as secular schools, but not funding haredi schools that teach 100% of the core curriculum, the government is violating its international legal obligation not to discriminate against children based on their religious practice.

Blatant over the top direct discrimination against the ultra-fervent orthodox Jewish community.  Teach EXACTLY the same subjects, get 3/4 the funding.  (And those who choose not to include those subjects that are pure secular cultural indoctrination?  Ha, 50% or 30% for you!)

backbusYet worse is the rhetoric and shooting Israel in the foot.  The Finance Minister SCREAMS that the Charedim must go to work, AND THEN TURNS AROUND AND CUTS FUNDING FOR CHAREDI EDUCATION.

So you parasitic religious Jew, stop having children and changing Israel’s demographic mix (though saving Israel from being overwhelmed by the Arab birth rate) and GO TO WORK - - - while we cut your education, cut day care funding, and fine you if you didn’t go into the army.  Yeah, that’ll work out just great.

The Finance Minster (yes you Yair Lapid) talks a good game but is absolutely trying to discriminate against the Charedi and make sure he stays in the back of the bus.

Let the Finance Minister know, discriminating against religious Jewish children is not ok.  Here’s his contact info:  - - -  @YairLapid1  - - -  Facebook  - - -  Office Phone +972- 2-6408385


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