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Facebook Conversation with Muslims

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     A Muslim saw my video “Answers to a Pastor” and asked to be my friend on Facebook. Okay, let’s try it and see what happens. He turned out to be preaching Islam as a religion of love that is for everyone. Day after day he puts up articles claiming that Islam is the most loving and accepting religion in the world.

     I got tired of his lie and I wrote a comment asking him if Islam is a religion of love why is it that one out of five people in the world are Muslim yet four out of five wars in the world are Muslim? He sent me a video showing a Imam (Muslim preacher) preaching love. I wrote back that he should be preaching his ideas to the Muslims and not to the Jews. I am reprinting just the key responses since the conversation was long.

     There were four main participants in the conversation…the Muslim who preaches that Islam is a religion of peace, a Muslim who hates Jews, a (maybe) Jewish woman who defends Islam, and Gutman. I do not know where they live, but apparently none of them live in Israel.

Isa Abdul- So you don’t want to watch the video I sent to you and instead you send me another video that stands up for your views, ooo ribbi Allah have mercy upon you.

Gutman- Do you see Jewish children dressing up as suicide bombers as the Muslim children here do? Golda Meir said, “There will not be peace here as long as the arab hatred of our children is greater than their love for their own children.” Do any other mothers in the world happily send their children to be suicide bombers?

Nettie Marie- Smh (Shaking my head) The Quaran does not teach suicide bombing, nor does it support murder in any way. You are taking the actions of a minority and applying it to a whole people in general.

Abu Ibn- You are all racists, too bad Hitler did not complete the job, you hate everything alive, just slowly. Hashem will put you in a deep well….Ami.

Abu Ibn- Israeli army (IDF) shoot tear gas into house full of children in Nabi Saleh. All you will be punished soon. Amin.

Isa Abdul– They are not all racists, please know that I have a lot of friends who are Jews including Nettie Marie that I appreciate much and respect so please don’t say what you said.

Nettie Marie– Abu, not all Jews have the attitude towards Muslims that this guy (Gutman) here has. And if he is indeed a rabbi, I’m actually a little bit surprised because Judaism teaches concepts which I have seen lacking in his responses..

Gutman– Abu, your own words condemn you. You are sad that more innocent people were not murdered. You wrote that you wish all Jews were killed. Your agenda is revealed. We are not giving in to your lies. Boston, Canada, all over the world…you encourage murder and curse the Jews for fighting back. One out of five people in the world are Muslim and four out of five wars in the world are Muslim. Cursing Jews will not change those facts.

    And to Isa I say; preach to your own people.

    And to Nettie I say; do you need any more proof of what I am saying than Abu’s statement that he wishes that they would have killed every Jew? That includes you, if you are Jewish. Life is different when you live on the front lines. Americans forgot 9/11 very quickly, and now Boston has happened. Where I live we do not fear the Muslims, but we know what happens if you are not watchful.

Abu Ibn– Gutman old fool, I have not killed anyone … or I’ll kill you, but nothing you not realize, Zionists have so far killed millions of children …Uh, hello. where does Hashem say to you kill children .. where? Looks like your brain is dried up with age. Where does Hashem said to move into someone else’s house, where you write in the Torah, where? You’ve distorted the Torah, and do not follow the law of G-d since you believe in the golden calf punish you until doomsday. Amin. You are Satan’s children, when sign Messiah-Antichrist Dajjal-Kofe then Hashem will protrude to fire you because you have not respected God command the Torah.

Abu Ibn– Rampaging by Illegal Israeli settlers Zionist-Burning of Quran and Mosquie ..ccc Hashem has given you ordered insult and burn..Hello?

Isa Abdul– Gutman Locks that’s your problem and you don’t realize that you cannot globalize one religion according to Abu Ibn or others Muslims hating words or acts.

Isa Abdul– Amsa Amza Chill out

Gutman– How is the world to judge Islam other than by the acts of Muslims? 80% of the wars in the world involve Muslims and I live next door to Muslims. Why do we have to have armed men walk our children home from school? Ask Boston, and a few hundred other places in the world. Why is the world not welcoming Jews home to our homeland? The Koran says this is the land of Jacob. The Bible says this is the Land G-d promised to the children of Jacob. Why are you not encouraging the arabs who live here live in peace?

Perry– (A reader jumps in) The Islamic world is mired in self-pity and self righteous supremacist. A dangerous mix. They either deny and blame others or lash out in violence.

Abu– That stupid baboon, I tell him about other topics, he only Boston and Boston…CCC halo,halo---pray by the phone. What would you say Hashem

   (They posted a number of videos making fun of religious Jews or showing what they claim were Israeli soldiers committing crimes against arabs.)

Abu- Isreal who is the Isreal messiah? Elijah? Rabbi Ovadiya Yosef? Son of David? Mosses? Rabbi from Lubavitch? Jimmy Hendriks? Bib Netanyahu? I have no idea…stupid residents.

Gutman – Abu, because you are angry with me for not believing your lies you said that you wished that all Jews would be killed and then you call me a racist! You are sick. Why do you wish that all of the Jews would have been murdered? Did they harm you?

(Apparently “walls” stands for Jews)

Abu – You are a fool, where did I note that all the walls to be killed? Hello..are you okay with brains? You’ are lost have no idea even who you messiah, look up the video shame fuj

Gutman– Abu, Do you not even know what you say? Here is the quote where you said that you wished all Jews would have been killed, and you still feel that today. Now you know why I do not trust you. You wrote, “you are all are racists, too bad hitler did not complete the job” How will you try to lie your way out of this?

Abu- You should ask Rotshilds..Jew who financed hiltler, I’m Hilter…you are killing yourself because you served in hitler’s army. Hitler’s Jewish army.

Nettie- Gutman, its evident that Abu has issues as well (as you). And his responses seem even more emotionally driven than yours. But I know for a fact that NOT ALL muslims are as you say, and NOT ALL Jews are as he says. Unfortunately we all struggle with certain aspects of our histories with each other. But we don’t have to stay in that mindset. We all serve the same G-d, we should all be working towards coming together.

(She continued with a number of Jewish sources stating that all people are equal and that we should love one another and sent a video of a “rabbi” in Jerusalem saying “Allah G-d of Israel”)

(Then Isa added how the Quran teaches peace and that the Muslims welcomed the Jews to their countries)

Abu- and now see what you are doing…Zionists kill innocent children and expel them from the house whether it please G-d

Gutman- Nettie, I did not say that all Muslims are evil. I said that 1 out of 5 people in the world are Muslim and 4 out of 5 wars are Muslim. I also say that no other people enjoy dressing their small children as suicide bombers as do the Muslim arab mothers do here. As for that Mishna you quoted that says all people are equal, that is if you are judging them before you see their deeds. Once you see that a person is evil you do not give him love. As for the Muslim you defended in a previous note…he now says that he is hitler.. may both their names be destroyed forever.

(Abu continued with his rant against me and all Jews, and Nettie said that we should love all people)

Sheikh Khalid- Killing is bad who so ever did

Isa Abdul– Yes Khalid, but Gutman does not understand this and he somehow has this theory that we “other” muslims who does not do that killings need to do something about those muslims who are involved in that killings. It is very stupid theory but that is his position.


     I stopped writing. I see that neither the muslims, nor the loving liberals are going to change, as least not from anything I say. Gutman


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  3. The above poster is not me. I want him to stop. Notice that there is no hot link to a blogger page on his name.

  4. Mashiach ben David will be here soon to punish the wicked and the craven Jewish sycophants who want the world to love her or us collectively. There is no use debating them. Another tzaddik who worked at the Kotel, like yourself, named Baruch Levine years ago got himself beaten up in an Arab shop when one of your "neighbors" could not stand that he was showing Jewish kids the holes in the walls where the mezuzot were in the Arab Quarter. There is no fixing evil if the worldview is followed by over 1.5 billion people. We number 12 or 13 million. On a good day about 4 million know the difference between good and evil to have an intelligent conversation about it. So we are outnumbered 1.5 billion to about 4 million. In the court of public opinion, we cannot win. I am carefully watching MK Moshe Feiglin. He seems to know how to make a point in a way that people listen. I wonder what his yichus is? Has anyone checked?

  5. you can see the difference between the religions by the Shaloh's prayer for our children.

    It should be noted that Muslims were peaceful and accepting to the Jews until they realized they would not convert. They then persecuted them with extreme violence.

    I have many muslim friends in the US who actually support Israel/Jews and actively reject Wahhabism. Unfortunately they are not loud or powerful enough to make a difference. Sometime the backward 3rd world/Arabic world will catch up with the truly enlightened Muslim people that do exist.

  6. The Qur'an states that Allah gave the Holy Land to the People of the Book, ie, to us Jews; accordingly, I can't understand how Islam can defend its non-stop war against the Jews of Israel. Just consider: long before the invention of Islam and the Arab Conquest of the seventh century, we Jews had lived in what today are the Arab lands for perhaps as long as a millenium. The descendents of those Jews should today number in the millions, perhaps the tens of millions, but instead the Jews currently inhabiting the Arab lands is scant, barely any at all. Let the Moslems explain that one.

  7. On the one hand, R' Gutman is right that Islamic is exceedingly violent today and it is ridiculous for the moderates to claim it's not their responsibility to work against the violence.

    On the other hand, "Nettie's" points are not necessarily invalid. Yes, it is good and praiseworthy to love everyone. We should be realistic about the current state of Islam, while at the same time reaching out lovingly to Muslims and making clear that we do not see them in a stereotyped or racist way, and we want to live in harmony with them for our mutual benefit. Every false belief they hold about us -- the idea that Israel purposefully kills Arab children, for example -- we should calmly and non-accusatorially rebut with facts and a smile. This will work better than pointing fingers.

    The approach of Rabbi Froman, a settler peace activist, was to reach out in love to the Arabs living near settlers, and encourage brotherhood and peaceful coexistence by emphasizing their shared belief in God. As far as I know, Rabbi Froman and Eretz Shalom didn't say anything about land for peace or a Palestinian state -- which like all settlers they presumably opposed -- but instead emphasized what they had in common.

    If I remember correctly, the Lubavitcher Rebbe (perhaps it was another Chabadnik after Gimel Tamuz) was once asked if one should pray for the death of enemies. He responded, No, we should pray that they become friends.

    Even we have good reason to feel hate or emphasize the negative, we should instead err in the side of love and forgiveness and looking forward to a positive resolution. After all, we forgive everyone who ever harmed us every night, and forgiveness is a great Jewish virtue.

    This doesn't mean we don't vigorously defend ourselves when necessary, even when the world world is against us. But this kind of approach might help to win the world over one day, with G-d's help.


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