Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Declaring Judgement Upon Ourselves

by Rabbi Bar Tzadok of KosherTorah.com

th (8)(The kabbalistic interpretation of mida kneged mida.)

God Judges Us, How?

Yes, God does judge us, and often that judgment can be cruel. Yet, God's judgment is not ordained by Himself alone, God always consults with a proper and appropriate associate to discern and decide what type of judgment each of us should endure. What that associate decides, God upholds and executes, be it lenient or cruel.

Whenever we offend Heaven by performing deeds that are harmful either above or below, we are judged and punished. How this works is simple, yet profound, and even frightening.

When we offend Heaven, Heaven takes notice. Heaven watches. Heaven then directs the course of human events in such a way that we have come before us an offender, similar to ourselves, and we witness him offend Heaven with the exact type of offense, in the exact same way as we ourselves did. Heaven makes sure that we take notice.

How then do we judge that offender? Are we indignant? Do we call out to Heaven to pour down wrath upon such a person? Do we demand his harsh punishment? Do we seek justice, or do we seek judgment? Do we seek to do the right thing, or do we seek revenge, for revenge's sake? How shall we judge? Shall we be overly-strict? Shall we be overly-lenient? Do we condemn? Do we forgive? Which would be the right course, at this moment, in these circumstances, with this specific individual, under these specific conditions?

Heaven watches, and listens to, how we judge that other who is equally guilty of that which we ourselves have done. Heaven listens to, and records, how we pass judgment on this other. Heaven then takes our verdict, be it lenient of severe, be it righteous or vengeful, and hands it over to the Divine Judge, the Holy One, blessed be He.

God then reads the verdict and ordains that it be carried out. God then calls upon all the forces of Heaven and Earth to bare witness to this verdict, letting all see and know that it was not God who ordained the verdict, but rather it was God's faithful associate, a human being, here on Earth, who did so. All the Heavens and Earth witness and agree, then together all work to bring about the execution of the verdict as ordained by God's associate, man!

God proclaims, "Man has offended Heaven, and man has declared his own judgment for such a crime. Let then the man who offended Heaven, and who himself has spoken the punishment now become subject to the punishment that he himself has declared. For what he declared for another, he himself is equally guilty. Let his own words fall on his own head. Let his judgment, that came forth from his own mouth, now pursue him, overtake him, and be executed upon him. He has spoken, so let it be in accordance to his own words. My associate, man, has spoken, so now let his own judgment be upon him, for what he himself has done."

God judges us, yes! But God judges us by our own standards, by our own ways, and by the very words that come forth from our own lips. As we judge others, so does God judge us!

If we pervert justice towards others, then God also allows a perversion of justice to be executed upon us. Only when we act with righteousness can we expect to be treated with righteousness. This is the Way of Heaven.

Based on the teachings of the Ba'al Shem Tov (Sefer B.S.T. Kodashim)


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