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by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


They’re out to get me.  I’m an American Jew, an American Charedi Jew if you will.  I sympathize with some of their goals.  I see the trends, some things HAVE to change – and we don’t rely on miracles.  But they speak with forked tongue (Americanism for THEY’RE LYING). 

- They state they want people to work, but then scream about continuing to support a law making it ILLEGAL to work before age 31. 

- They state they want people to qualify for good high tech jobs, but (in a massive case of direct discrimination) fund our schools at 25% less than their schools WHEN THEY TEACH THE SAME SUBJECTS.

- They state they’re worried about army fighting ability and manpower, but then force our soldiers to attend female rock concerts (what’s that got to do with fighting ability?) and openly state they don’t want to increase the size of charedi battalions as it will prevent cultural assimilation.

-They state and demand all should share the burden, but suddenly drop any requirements for participation by Israeli Arab or Israeli Christian citizens.

Their logical arguments bear true concerns for the future of Israel.  BUT THEIR ACTIONS SHOW THEM UNABLE TO CONTROL THEIR HATRED FOR ULTRA-ORTHODOX JEWS.  And then this arrives in my mailbox and the mailbox of everyone on my side of town… (delivered in hebrew and english, hebrew version at the end of this article)


1, 2, 3, 4, let’s start a culture war...  Because that’s exactly what we need while lined up for a possible war from Syria with Russian support. 

Here’s the deal.  In ultra-orthodox neighborhoods a number of businesses (not all, not even the majority) provide gender segregation OPTIONS, because their clientele prefer it.  For example, a grocery store offers a “men only” checkout lane, so the religious men aren’t crushed in with all the ladies doing their shopping in a space limited checkout area.  Similarly, one of the local health services offers a “men’s only office” with male doctors with a matching “women’s only office” with female doctors.  Nothing discriminatory, options provided for those who prefer it.

But no, this organization thinks they’re going to force the Jewish religious community to what?  Cuddle up together in public?

This is an evil disgusting attempt to demonize and destroy a segment of society.  They think some good is going to come from this?  “Hi, we want you to be good participatory economic and defense citizens, but we’re going to kick you in the head every time we see you because we disagee with being religious.  We’re going to fine you, insult you, prevent you from working, discriminate against you, and then declare you discriminatory because you won’t cuddle in public while holding parades trampling on tallasim in Tel Aviv.”

This is directly the results of Tzipi Livni, the current inJustice Minister, and Prime Minister do-anything-to-stay-in-power Netanyahu. 

You want us to participate and engage, yet you come at us like this???

…Erev Rav.  Straight up, straight out Erev Rav. 

Ultra-orthodox Jewish religious society in Israel is out of balance.  And their response to the changing political and cultural situation has been immature and even inappropriate to their status as representatives of Torah.

But what’s being done…straight out culture war.  Attack to damage if not destroy.  AND ONLY OUR ENEMIES WIN WHEN WE’RE FIGHTING OURSELVES.  And since they’re trying to KILL US, somebody might want to get their priorities straight.

Note they don’t even have the GUTS to identify who they are!



  1. At the splitting of the sea how many opinions were therebin regards to the response of the egyptions tailing them. Those who surrender , those who pray , those who seek guidance from a leader and those who fight . How are these days differnt from the past

  2. All around the world (and in Israel most of all) Chabadniks find that Jews are open and receptive. As it states in Tayna, "like water reflects the face".

    When one is busy spreading light he not only dispels darkness but doesn't even notice the darkness!

    Especially in the case of a Jew whose darkness is the result of the ruach shtus of golus.

    Don Quixote battled windmills, others put on a shreimel and battle the "secular"--who no more real than Quixote's windmills. There is no such thing as a "secular Jew" (as the Rebbe said).

    Furthermore, Chassidim (who learn chassidus) know that Hashem runs the world and are not afraid of this decree or that decree, but rather confront these issues in their root, which in our days is learning inyonei Moshiach and Geulah, spreading the wellsprings, and abundant Ahavas Yisroel (especially for the Jew who is (outwardly) "different from me and you").

    Besoros tovos.

  3. Sorry, Besoros Tovos. One cannot ignore the Shtus if it ends up as a flyer in one's mailbox.

    Or if a community that is outside one's kitchen window just disappears one day so that powers at be on the Left Coast can bask in the glory of their personal popularity amongst other reshayim. Perhaps it is easy to ignore the shtus in some places in the world if you are not on the front lines. On the front lines, the Erev Rav much be spiritually "hacked to death", not with a meat cleaver but with other weapons of war. And don't get us wrong. This is a REAL war. Battles must be won. At the very least one has to find a way to spit in the FACE of EVIL. Trying to mekarev evil people will allow yourself to become one of their useful idiots. Kiruv is only possible in a neutral situation where there is mutual respect between the Dati and the Secular. It will under most circumstances fail in a hostile environment when they are attacking you I am sure that there are exceptions, but these are just that, exceptions. Sorry there is no way to "ignore the Shtus." If you want to bury your head in the sand, you may find out that the sand has covered your torso and your legs up to your feet, and when it is time to fight the war, you will not be able to find a way to extricate oneself from the sand.

  4. One must seek clever ways to be victorious over the wicked.

  5. I had a friend who was a volunteer for Yad L'Achim. He dealt with Xtian missionaries in the Old City's Jewish Quarter. He would approach them and ask them to remove themselves and their literature from the Jewish areas of town. If they would not comply he would then take all of their literature and throw it in the garbage. He would then warn them that if they showed up again, there would be more severe consequences. If the missionary dared to raise his ugly head again in the public square of the Jewish Quarter or other Jewish neighborhoods, when the time was ripe, someone from Yad L'Achim would "rough the pastor" up a little. It would be enough to keep the missionary from showing up again. This was years ago, but if the INJustice Minister starts to play hardball, someone is going to have to "influence" this Witch of Eindor to bug off. Again there are clever ways to do this. Use one's Yiddishe Kopf, and figure out how to keep the Witch of Eindor (Livni) from using the Erev Rav legal system from interfering with our lives. She is truly about as wicked as the Greek Hellenists, and we all know what that lead to...and it was far more than some kiruv on the Hellenizers.

  6. I laugh at the hypocrisy here. The same way the rabbinate now states all Karaite weddings are invalid, declares their meat is not kosher for two examples, have a outcry when they, by their anti-Torah, man made rules declare a culture war. Destroying ourselves is all we are doing. It's high time to realize that the rabbinate, nor the ultra Orthodox don't hold the monopoly on God or His derech but decry that everyone else who opposes them are the Erev Rav, which according to the Zohar is false, it's actually the ultra Orthodox. Maybe it's high time to put your man made rules back in the box, live them yourselves all you want, but don't impose them on any of us who know the source. Sad they won't wake up to the fact of how they are and will continue to destroy us claiming they ARE derech haShem. You want the hate to stop, go look in the mirror and do your part to end it.

  7. The difference is Shiloh, is that this is their rules for their own neighborhood. It is not the Injustice Minister's business to regulate equality if neighborhood standards have a different view on the matter. In most situations for public run institutions, there are always three sections, men's, women's, and mixed. The men and women who want to be separate from each other have a right to live by their own rules. None of this is Livni's business. She is a truly evil woman. And Netanyahu only has her in this perch in his govt. in order to pacify Obama and William Hague with regards to the Peace Process and the Destruction of unauthorized outpost process. She is there for no positive reason to bring unity to the Jewish people. She exists to provide fodder for hatred between Jews. And it seems like she is succeeding at her goal. So we have to come up with a clever response in order to put the Witch of Eindor in her place. She and her 6 seats are not needed to form the present coalition govt. There is a pressing need to see to it that she goes bye bye.

  8. Dov, I understand what you are saying and you are right about the evil in our midst. It comes in all forms, religious and secular alike. Unless your neighborhood is a closed, private club, then they cannot impose standards that go against the country. I wish there where lines at the 67 border crossings for terrorists and non terrorists so I don't have to wait all the time to get through them. That's a different deal. Can you understand my point, the Karaites are being eradicated by the rabbinate without a sword. Where is the outcry for justice for these Jews who happen to reject the secondary Torah? Where is the outcry that the rabbinate declares their children are bastards now? You see Dov, the culture war was started 2200 years ago, it's nothing new. We wonder why we have destruction after destruction. I can assure you the Ultra Orthodox rabbinate will ensure the messiah is an outcast if not worse also. I certainly disagree with the segregation laws that the ultra orthodox are trying to impose in OUR, yes, OUR land. Don't impose something on someone because one day you will have something imposed on you that you will find totally offensive. Mark my word on that one.


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