Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Converts and the Land

by Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths


A Blogger asked:

     A few months ago we discovered that a few converts are leaning towards becoming anti-Israel and anti-Zionist. They follow another convert like groupies. I am concerned and need some advice on how to approach them, what to say or if I should say anything at all. Is this something I should be worried about? Is this trend normal? As a pro Israel blogger I felt an obligation to say something.

Gutman’s response:

     One of the reasons why the Torah commands us more than once to love the convert as much as a home born Jew, is that they do not have a share in the Land.

     When the Jewish people are fully returned to our land we will dwell in our inherited portion of the land. The land is divided by tribe, and which tribe we belong to depends upon our father’s tribe. The convert does not have a Jewish father, so he will not inherit a share in the land. He, like the kohenim (Jewish priests who also do not have a portion of the land) will live in the cities.

     The convert, feeling this loss might feel inferior or neglected. To prevent this, the Torah reminds us that we too were once strangers in a land that was not ours, and that we should be sensitive to their feelings. Having said that, still, any Jew who is “anti-Israel” or “anti-Zionist” simply does not understand the nature of the Land of Israel.

     You have to remind your readers just how unique the Land of Israel is. Remember, we did not choose this Land. G-d did. He gave it to our forefathers and to us as their descendants. No one can ever give it away!

Here are a few facts that they should know.

The Jewish people and the Land of Israel are one. So precious is this land to us.

The Torah tells us, “You shall inherit the land and dwell within it for I have given you the Land to possess it.”[i]

When a Jew acquires a home in the land he acquires a share in the World to Come.

In fact, any Jew who even walks four steps in our holy land gains a share in the World to Come.

There are laws that limit a Jew from leaving the land, or from even moving away from Jerusalem.

There are many Torah laws that are affected by the Land, such as the laws of tithing. 

     There are so many wonderful things about this special land, but at the very least, let your readers know that a Jew who does not live in the Land is severely limiting his spiritual opportunity. No one and certainly no Jew should ever say anything negative about Jews returning to our land. Jews coming home to Israel is a sign that the Redemption is happening.

[i] Numbers 33:53


  1. A convert does not inherit the land - HKBH is our inheritance.

  2. being anti israel is NOT anti ERETZ YISRAEL. it's anti a goverment run by non religious jews who want to destroy yiddishkiet and Torah, dragging ladies and yeshiva bochurim into the army.

    Every Torah Jew is anti zionist - convert or born jewish. or do you support opening shops on shabbos and gay clubs on the beaches?

  3. we will inherit the land when moshiach comes! until then living in israel is living in golus run by a non religious goverment. don't make it out that a convert who is anti zionist is bad! the chofetz chaim was anti zionist! the brisker rov! all the great talmidei chachomim! todays "Israel" is golus! and we will inherit Eretz Yisrael soon!

    do you need to be reminded of the previous lubavitcher rebbe's response when the state was created?!?!?

  4. Thats.such.a.beautiful.picture.



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