Friday, April 05, 2013

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Wiping Israel off the Cyber-Earth

th (1)Groups of world wide hackers have announced that, in honor of Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day this Sunday (April 7), they will be performing a world wide coordinated hacker attack against Israel – to wipe Israel off the face of cyber-earth.

Much of Israeli cyber and Internet infrastructure has excellent cyber-security.  Just as Israel has been under constant physical attack, since the advent of the Internet, Israel has been under constant cyber-attack.  For example, the government agency that manages web sites has a continuous attack (and attack source) monitor showing anywhere from 150 to 800 continuous attacks on an average day.  (From such diverse places as China, Arab countries, UK, Germany, even the US.)

The hackers have published a list of 1,600 Israeli target sites.  These include government sites and agencies, social service and religious sites, and businesses.  Examples include (religious site), (Italian airline site in Hebrew), (online job listings in Israel), and (soccer team).

Undoubtedly some sites will be impacted, some will be hacked, and some will become unavailable due to being flooded by the attacks.  But the serious sites have serious security and are not unfamiliar with being attacked and have some of the strongest security infrastructures available in place.

The big question is – the U.S. government has stated that a major cyber attack will be considered the same as a major physical military attack, and is cause for military response.  Will Israel take a similar position and unleash the Mossad in response?

Anonymous has played with the big boys in the cyber world, but are they prepared for a State actor with responses of rendition or termination?

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  1. Just going to point out, Anonymous isn't a singular hacking group. For all we know, some people from Chamas put on the Guy Fawkes mask and (tried to) hack(ed) Israel. Not saying they aren't bad,but we shouldn't blame a whole concept for small percentage of people. If we did that, we would be doing the same thing as the people who view all Charedim as sexist bigots and who view Chabad as the second XXXXXianity Anonymous has done a lot of good things. They are the second amendment of the Internet in a sense.


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