Monday, April 15, 2013



by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

2013-02-26 boring meeting 002I spent much of winter seriously ill, stricken with the flu twice and something similar but milder on a 3rd occasion.  Besides the actually time of the illnesses, each round had an extended recovery time compounded by the lingering affects of the previous round.  I noted several important lessons during this time…

a. Besides a paycheck, my job offers the added value of keeping me from going stir crazy.  My wife would add, keeping me from driving her crazy.

b. While the more socialist oriented Israeli system (versus the U.S.) has a variety of disadvantages, particularly around high taxes, the advantage of extended sick leave without loss of pay or risk of loss of job is significant when you really need it. 

On repeated visits to my doctor, I encountered a sefer that someone had placed there.  They wrote (on the inside cover):

2013-03-18 sefer 003

It was filled with nice short inspiring chassidic lessons, perfect for a doctors office while worried about feeling bad.  Medicine for the soul to go with medicine for the body.  Who thinks like this today?  Throw Torah to the wind (or drop it in a doctors clinic) just to benefit someone who may come by!  This person made me feel better, and we’ve never even met!

Yum! Tasty Passover cookies!

2013-03-22 pesach 005

We are easily fooled by appearances.  If we had stopped and thought “it’s Passover, no flour, you can’t make a fluffy crumbly cookie with potato starch, it can’t be real”, we would have expected the strange brown lumps that came out of the box.  But we believed the advertising – the outside cover.  This is a natural human response, but we have to train ourselves to be wiser.  The more it glitters, the less the inner value.

…as I’m feeling a bit more in touch with this world after my illnesses, I’m trying to get back into blogging.  Mechanisms I activated to distract from discomfort and weakness, that became part of my normal routine over literally months of being in a sick situation, have to be gradually set aside to return to healthy patterns.  This too is a lesson for me, as many of my normal patterns could use to be set aside and improved upon with newer better ones.  But we are “creatures of habit”, we don’t naturally pay attention to our patterns as we go about them.


  1. Reb Akiva, glad you're feeling better. Hope you're taking it as a wake up call to start taking good care of your health. Please google Weston E Price, I personally found that his nutritional philosophy helped me tremendously.
    Best of health to you and yours!

  2. Sorry, that was Weston A Price, here's the link:

  3. What was the sefer? Just wondering.


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