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Eye to the Infinite – Introduction Part 3

We are pleased to offer Eye to the Infinite, a Torah Guide to Jewish Mediations for Divine Awareness, in a weekly serialized form.

Eye to the Infinite – A Torah Guide to Jewish Meditations to Increase Divine Awareness. Copyright © 2013 by Aharon Rubin – serialized on the Mystical Paths blog with permission.


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(The week of April 28, 2013.)


Today, many people are thirsting for spirituality, seeking the world over for their soul-fulfillment. Paradoxically, the answer to their search lies in the power and longing of the thirst. As a woman longs for her husband, so the soul longs to reunite with That with which it was once united. In the longing and craving lies the unmistakable signature of G-d, the Divine Stamp that imprinted Its mark on their soul as it distanced from its Maker to incarnate within the physical. When cleared of the impurities that clog the con­sciousness, this Divine Imprint will shine through, allowing the person to behold their Creator, naturally and effort­lessly.

The angels say, “The whole world is filled with His Glory[1]”. G-d is omnis­cient, closer than our own con­scious­ness, closer than our own G-dly soul, always approachable, immediately avail­able. Moshe Rabbeinu says, וכו' כי קרוב אליך הדבר מאד, בפיך ובלבבך – “Indeed, the matter[2] is ex­tremely close to you, in your mouth and in your heart …[3]”.

G-d told Eliyohu HaNovi that His is the still, small voice[4]. Dovid HaMelech says (Psalms 119:89), ‘For­ever, O G-d, Your word stands in the heav­ens’, and G-d says, “If you listen carefully to the voice of the L-rd your G-d” (Exodus 15:26). G-d’s Voice reverber­ates throughout the world[5]; His Word is eter­nal and can still be heard, within the point of pure truth that lies in the innermost depths of our heart. By subjugat­ing our soul and mind to G-d[6] and getting in touch with the depths of our inner consciousness, we will know that G-d is very close, speaking to us the whole time. Whether it be a whisper within the still­ness, a soft voice echoing soundlessly within the calm, or an awareness that reverberates to the depths of our souls, the Voice is always present.

When Moses went into the Tent of Meeting (in the Mishkon - Tab­ernacles), he heard the Voice of G-d from upon the Cover of the Holy Ark in the Holy of Holies, emanating from between the two Cherubim, and It spoke to him[7]. In the Ark were the Luchos, the two tablets, in­scribed by the Finger of G-d, brought down by Moses. Here was the most concentrated point of holiness in the entire uni­verse. Yet the Voice did not emerge from within the Ark, where the tablets lay. It came from above the Ark, from between the two Cherubim.

The tablets within the Ark represent the Torah that is to fill our minds and hearts[8]; through this Torah, we become mind­ful of G-d’s Presence and attentive to His Providence. This focus is repre­sented by the space between the two Cheruvim, the pre-fron­tal lobe of the Ark. It is this mindfulness and focus - an awareness that sees the world, not through the egoistical desires of the self but, through an altruism that pulsates with love and awe of G-d, the result of a pure mind that houses the unadulter­ated Word of G-d - that brings G-d’s Voice into earshot and allows for the spontaneity of revela­tion[9].

Wandering through life, even amongst those who truly search for direction and guidance, few pay attention to the omnipresent Voice. More sub­tle than the deli­cate voice of conscience, it is waiting to be heard. The time has come to tune in and start listen­ing. We all have the tools.

[1] Isaiah 6:3

[2] Referring to the aforementioned ‘HaMitsvoh’ (30:11) to cleave to G-d (Heichal HaBro­choh ad loc).

[3] Deut. 30:14. [See Rashbo Brochos 8a (ד"ה ארשב"י).]

[4] Kings I, 19:11-13

[5] אריב"ל בכל יום בת קול יוצאת מה"ח ומכרזת ואומרת אוי להם לבריות מעלבונה של תורה

‘Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levi says, “Every day a Bas-Qol (Heavenly Voice) goes out from Mount Horev and announces, ‘Woe to mankind from the shame of the Torah, etc’” (Eth­ics of the Fathers, 6:2). The Baal Shem Tov comments on this Mishnah, “every day a per­son ‘hears’ the Voice of G-d reminding one to return to Him. This Voice goes ‘from one end of the earth to the other’ and it is responsible for all our yearnings and thoughts of longing to make amends and return to G-d”. See note 449.

[6] See Shulchon Oruch, O.C. 25:5, “וישתעבד להקב"ה הנשמה ... וגם הלב

[7] Paraphrased from Numbers 7:89

[8] The Holy Ark corresponds to the heart and mind; see Nefesh HaChaim, Gate 1, Chapter 4, Sifsei Kohein, Shemos 39:32.

[9] See Seforno Exodus 25:22.

…to be continued, G-d willing, next week.

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WARNING - The material presented in the Eye to the Infinite requires a basic standard of (Jewish) holiness in conduct and living as prescribed by the Torah (and described by the Mishna, Gemora and Shulchan Aruch). If you are dependent on medication for mental stability, or have thinking challenges, please consult with your physician before attempting meditative exercises described here.


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