Sunday, April 21, 2013

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Eye to the Infinite – Introduction Part 2

We are pleased to offer Eye to the Infinite, a Torah Guide to Jewish Mediations for Divine Awareness, in a weekly serialized form.

Eye to the Infinite – A Torah Guide to Jewish Meditations to Increase Divine Awareness. Copyright © 2013 by Aharon Rubin – serialized on the Mystical Paths blog with permission.

Meditative Thought in Jewish Practice – continued

Through adhering to G-d’s Word and cleaving to Its Spirit with purity, holiness and zeal, the Divine Presence of G-d rests upon the person, which Presence leads to greater deveikus – ever greater attachment to G-d. Yet even for the followers of this Divine Path, the Shechinoh will only rest on such a person whose mind is in tune with his higher Divinity, a person who yearns for the Divine closeness his soul has known. This is made possible through combining regular meditation with positive action, reflecting and enacting the spiritual heights reached through meditation.

The Torah describes two types of Mitsvos: obligations of the heart, Mitsvos only involving thought and emotion, and those involving speech or physical action, the action enriched by awareness and love of G-d. Performance of Mitsvos involving action spiritually uplift the world, transforming matter by transferring it to a higher level, thus easing the tension between spirit and substance, helping create a visceral awareness of G-d’s Presence. This awareness however will remain tentative and nebulous, if not constantly maintained and developed.

This inchoate consciousness is an embryonic expression of the Divine Will, a sapling spark of divinity that needs to be cultivated, encouraged and strengthened. It is especially through ‘the obligations of the heart’, meditating on G-d and His Presence, contemplating His Words and the Divine Consciousness within, and grounding the rediscovered reality with mindful speech and purposeful action, that we can begin to resonate with the soul and its G-dly perception, its innate understanding and self-knowledge, allowing our physical consciousness to comprehend spiritual actuality, seeing it for what it is, a palpable reality, more real than corporal existence but masked by ego-induced scotomas.

Medical papers and journals extol the virtues of meditation, with various studies verifying its potential for producing profound physiological results, improving physical performance and mental proficiency, all scientifically proven, yet these advantages do not approach the tip of the iceberg as far as prophetic meditation is concerned and go as far in appreciating and expressing the gains of Torah meditation as a child might understand algorithms.

Far and above the profound benefits of ordinary meditation, Jewish meditation accesses higher dimensions, spiritual realities that the soul will recognise and embrace. By strengthening the Divine soul’s influence using mindfulness and purposeful living, a profound inner joy will gush forth, engendering a life of consciously walking with G-d, which integrates spiritual awareness with day-to-day living, a life about which Dovid HaMelech said, טעמו וראו כי טוב ד'... – ‘Taste and see that G-d is good’!

…to be continued, G-d willing, next week.

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WARNING - The material presented in the Eye to the Infinite requires a basic standard of (Jewish) holiness in conduct and living as prescribed by the Torah (and described by the Mishna, Gemora and Shulchan Aruch). If you are dependent on medication for mental stability, or have thinking challenges, please consult with your physician before attempting meditative exercises described here.


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