Friday, March 01, 2013

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To Put Things in Perspective

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


360 degree panorama view of the Milky Way Galaxy – (an assembled mosaic of photos).

     There are hundreds of millions of galaxies. Our Solar System is in the Milky Way galaxy. The Milky Way is 100 million light years across. How far is that?    

     Well, if the sun would be the size of the dot on this i the Milky Way would stretch from New York to Los Angeles. That gives us an idea of how big the Universe is.

     But things also get amazingly small. It would take one million atoms lined up to equal the thickness of one piece of paper. There are more atoms in a single grain of sand than there are grains of sand on the entire beach!

     And atoms are no way near the smallest things get. Atoms are made up of electrons that whizz around in a cloud outside a central nucleus. This nucleus is about 100,000 times smaller than the atom. This is like a pinhead in the middle of an athletics stadium.

     From these calculations it seems that, size wise, you and I are right about in the middle of creation. We only see our world from our limited perspective, but surely this is the most important world of all…. Or is it?

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  1. Science is the attempt to quantify and explain the miracle of Hashem's creation. The book of Breishit is the most awesome science book.


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