Friday, March 15, 2013


“Get Off Him satan!”

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

imageHave you ever seen an evangelical xian rebuke a demon? Or better yet, have you ever seen a group of evangelical xian rebuke a demon?

     They gather around the person they suspect has the evil spirit, put their hands on him…sometimes grabbing him hard, and then with stern faces they yell, “Get off him satan! I bind you with the blood of (our god name)! You have no power here! Get back to the world of demons where you belong!”

     This can go on for quite some time until they feel that they were successful in casting out the evil spirits.

     You think that’s crazy? Now, one of the most famous evangelical xians of all, Pat Robertson, has reminded his millions of viewers that not only do demons grab onto people, but sometimes they can get into your pants (literally into the cloth!)

     From a recent evangelical television program: “Usually when one buys clothes second-hand at shops like Goodwill, one just wonders whether they have been laundered properly. But Pat Robertson brought an entirely new worry to the fore on Monday’s episode of his “700 Club” program. Responding to an email sent in by a viewer, the elderly televangelist said that, while not all clothes have demonic spirits attached to them, ‘Hey, it ain’t going to hurt anything to rebuke any spirits that happened to have attached themselves to those clothes.’”

     Okay, so this type of xian is nuts, but does this mean that xian not a valid religion? After all, there are 2.3 billion people in the world betting their lives, both in this world and the next on it!

     To understand why xianity is not a proper religion, and why no one should waste their precious lives believing it, see: Anwsers to a Pastor


  1. Ha, ha ha, this was such a funny read. Being an ex xtian, i know exactly what this is all about.
    Thank you.

    s. c.

  2. Why did clothes have to be purified during temple times?

  3. Clothes had to be cleansed if they touched a dead body, or someone who touched a dead person, or such. Not because there was a demon on them.

  4. My favorite, though is the Far Side cartoon, where there is the audience members who have been encouraged to bring their small home appliances to be rid of demons. Classic!
    Thank you. Nice video. Yasher Koach. Have a gut Shabbos.

  5. Hey, we also believe, at least in principle, in the possibility of sheidim and possession. The gemara has things to say if one is afraid.

    And all Robertson said was that while it was unlikely that second-hand clothes would be possessed, he couldn't absolutely rule it out. What else would you expect him to say? That he could absolutely rule it out?! That there was some rule in the universe that demons could possess anything except second-hand clothing?! Really, do his critics expect that he should have made up such a rule, just to reassure the person who'd written to him?! The use of this incident to mock Robertson is almost a litmus test of a person's honesty. Anyone who attacks him for it is by definition dishonest, because any rational person knows that he couldn't give any other answer, and nor could any Xian, or anyone else who believes that demons exist.


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