Wednesday, March 13, 2013


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A REMINDER: Mystical Paths is an Amazon affiliate. When you do your shopping through the Amazon links on this page,or the Amazon ad at the top of the blog web page, you support us at no cost to yourself.

Just click on the Amazon link, then shop as usual. It’s much appreciated!

What are other wonderful blog supporters like you buying at Amazon and supporting the blog?

Dockers Men's Signature Khaki Big & Tall Pleated Pant- Your pants are supporting the blog!  $2.82 of support, no cost to you.  Thanks!

BLACK Motorola DROID 4 SmartPhone Armband with Sweat Resistant Lining and Extra Key Pocket - Hey, $1.78 for the blog for no extra cost and Amazon savings!

Anker® High Performance 5200mAh/56WH Laptop Battery for Toshiba Satellite - That was $1.48 for the blog, no cost to the supporter!

Need some new kitchen stuff for Passover?


  1. Regarding the Amazon ad on the bottom of this post, Amazon has some extreme business practices. They charged me 238$ to ship 3 small items, one of which was a book, one was a small box of baking soda, and another small item. Bizarre indeed. Of course I did not place that order. Another time they refused to send me something (5 beret hats) and referred me to their "shipping guide(rules)" which stated that Israel was a "sensitive country" and therefore they restricted my purchase request. Anti-semitic??? The UK Amazon refused to ship me vacumn cleaner bags. Amazon really is over-hyped and weird. I would not have them on my blog!


    For some very strange reason I can get things shipped from Hong Kong to Israel for free or a few dollars, but from the U.S> to Israel is $20 for the lightest items. I was looking at a briefcase from, $100 for the briefcase, $120 for the shipping (did not buy).

    So if you're in the U.S. or the UK, Amazon is great. For international, not so much. (If you're looking to buy English language books in Israel, try )

    Regardless, Amazon's affiliate program is the ONLY thing I've every done on the blog that's made more than $2-3 in a month.

    Example, the Jewish classified bar, that's earned $2.34 for March.

    I'd like to earn enough to cover the yearly domain name fee at least.


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