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Evil Not-Burden-Sharing Charedim

Commentor “moshe” shared…

Since when does "unbreachable pact with Heaven" mean doing exactly like the charedim want you to do? … So what’s better, having a government make decisions which will DIRECTLY AND PHYSICALLY endanger Jewish lives, or having more chareidim serve their nation in ways which everyone can relate to?

Are you out of your mind to think that if more charedim serve all Torah learning will stop? You're just repeating the old charedi party line without giving it much thought, I'm surprised at you Akiva...

Here’s some pictures of evil not-burden-sharing charedim (fervently orthodox Jews) in Israel…

Taken this week, a photo sent to their mothers by a group of 6 combat soldiers from the Netzach Yehuda (Nachal Charedi) between combat patrols from their base in Northeast Israel… [one of these boys is from a chassidic religious family, another from a sephardic religious family, and one from a litvish religious family, from Jerusalem and other fervently orthodox Jewish enclaves in Israel]


…wait, they’re making a zionist symbol aren’t they?  Their mother’s must be so disturbed.

From another location in central Israel, this platoon of Netzach Yehuda (Nachal Charedi) is solely responsible for base security at a major army base…  [one of these boys is from a Chabad religious family, another from a sephardic religious family, and one from a chassidic religious family, from Bnei Brak, from Ramat Beit Shemesh, from Elad and other fervently orthodox Jewish enclaves in Israel]


Each one of these young men had to use connections and pressure to get a spot in Netzach Yehuda (Nachal Charedi), BECAUSE IT’S FULL AND THE ISRAELI ARMY HAS DECLINED TO EXPAND IT’S CAPACITY OR OPEN AN ADDITIONAL ORTHODOX-ORIENTED BATTALION.

“The haredi regiment which was founded at the end of 1999 and started out as a small company of 32 troops is now one of the largest regiments in the IDF, with hundreds of combat soldiers and on average has around 100 more soldiers in its ranks than any other regiment.”

Maybe that haredim don’t serve narrative is MEDIA PROPAGANDA, and there’s more that want to serve than the IDF is prepared to accept?

An insider’s guide to Nachal Charedi here.


  1. The issue is distinguishing between the individual Haredim and the Haredi political establishment. The political establishment has an agenda and that agenda is based upon receiving government funds to line the coffers of their yeshivas and to keep them in power - even at the expense of expelling Jews from their homes if that's what it takes to keep the spigot flowing.

    Of course there are individual Haredim that want to serve (as in the pictures) and of course the government has not not expanded the Netzach Yehuda battalion, but these are all the things that Bennett wants to do. Bennett says that Haredim are our brothers and we are obligated to and do in fact love them. We can't coerce anyone and if we want Haredim to serve we have to accomodate them religiously. Bennett refuses to bury his head in the sand however to the antics of the Haredi political establishment. As Dov bar Leib says, the leaders of UTJ are evil - they voted for the disengagement. that does not however mean that the people that vote for UTJ are evil - the voters much of the time arre just voting for who their rav says to vote for.

    The reactionary antics of the establishment are unfortunately succeeding right now in further driving a wedge between the Haredim and the rest of Israel - Bennett's message was and still is about unity.

  2. Oh please Akiva, you misinterpreted my comment and took my words out of content. I did not mean that charedim don't serve at all, and I certainly did not mean that individual charedim are evil, even those who do not serve. Finrod took the words out of my mouth about the difference between individual charedim and many charedi polititialns.
    What I meant to say about Bennet is that he has to choose the least of two evils: Either having a coalition which will PHISICALLY AND DIRECTLY endanger jewish lives, or playing along with Lapid's stupid plan of trying to force charedim into the army. Looking at the political reality it really does seem that these are the only two choices here, which would you rather choose Akiva?
    About Lapid's plan, I think the plan is stupid - no one will gain by trying to force anybody into the army, definitely not those for whom the army presents special challenges. But given a choice between playing along with this plan (while trying to soften it as much as possible) or doing nothing and watching another tragedy unfold, I would choose the former, wouldn't you?
    Now if you please could fix misrepresenting my words? I on my part am sorry if I did not make myself clear in my previous comment.

  3. The fact is that most soldiers in the 'Haredi Batallion' are not Haredi. Most of the recruits are national-religious hardali who want to serve in a more kosher environment.

    There is simply so much hype about Haredim going into the army, and most people envision them all going to infantry units, but another fact is that many Haredim are not physically able to (lower 'profile') and certainly the ones that might join at a later age will also be married and not interested in being away from home on a closed base for a week or even two or '21'.

  4. When the heads of Shas and UTJ say nasty things about anyone who asks haredim to join the army, you can not claim it's a media conspiracy.

    Unless you mean it's a Haredi Media conspiracy.


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