Thursday, March 14, 2013


Depriving Palestinians of 3G


In advance of U.S. President Obama’s visit to Israel, Palestinian activists have bought up billboard space at the entrance to Ramallah (Palestine) and shared their major complaint…

“President Obama, don’t bring your smart phone to Ramallah, you won’t have Mobile Access to Internet – WE HAVE NO 3G IN PALESTINE.”

Surely the U.S. will be galvanized into action against Israel in the crime against humanity… not providing 3G service in Ramallah.  U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice can surely request an immediate convening of the UN Security Council for this outrageous behavior!

One would be forgiven for assuming that 3G cellular service comes from somebody decided to invest in it, build it, and gain paying customers to maintain it.  Such logic only applies to every country and territory on planet Earth. 

But on planet Palestine, one demands in the merit of one’s 2G oppression, adds a unspoken spoken threat of violence if one won’t get it, and the U.S. or E.U. either funds it (with 1/2 the money going to increase the Swiss bank accounts of local oppressed strongmen) or forces Israel to actively provide it.


Clearly the world must act.  Forcing the poor Palestinians to shop at malls with only 3 levels and limited chain stores, talk on a 2G cell network when Israel has 3.5G, and not be able to freely cross the border into Israel (proper) and kill Jews at will is simply unacceptable.  It’s apartheid.  It’s oppression.  It’s occupation. 

…at least it is on planet Palestine.  On Earth, not so much.


  1. Well maybe if Israeli occupation didn't exist they would have already been able to invest in 3G. Maybe the criticism should not be taken literally. Maybe Israeli occupation ruined the Palestinian economy. No 3G is symbolic for just how deveasting Israeli occupation is for the Palestinian economy. Its not just 3G but other goods in what could have been a diversified successful economy

  2. We've had this discussion before. Palestinian per-capita GDP is HIGHER than Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Iraq, Morocco, Sudan, and just behind Turkey.

    Their per-capita GDP has gone up 10x in the last decade, and their rate of growth is the highest in the Arab world and the highest in the 3rd world.

    Most of the 3rd world would LOVE to live in their "ruined" economy.


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