Thursday, February 28, 2013


Who’s Going to Fade Away?

Reb Aharon shared with me Yair Lapid’s video, now with English subtitles, talking about the Israeli culture conflict between the ultra-religious and the secular segments of Jewish society.

A very interesting talk.  25 minutes, Hebrew with English subtitles.  Direct link.


  1. I cant believe such an arrogant way of thinking. This guy says one thing but it's obvious he thinks another one...

  2. This was an excellent speech by Lapid.

    Sad the fanatics have dictated our demise.

  3. Why is there such a dichotomy in responses to Yair's speech? Can you give us some wisdom on this?

  4. I'll tell you why this guy is dangerous: his speech seems to be soft, whereas in fact it's full of false fact.

  5. Anon, why it's dangerous is he is too kind, to political, to the audience. The only way this country, the country that is to be a light unto the world, will succeed is when we stop being a laughing stock to the world is when we revert back to the Tanach. Like he said if you could catch it, almost every Jew keeps Yom Kippur. They would keep the Tanach if it where not for he insanity of the Charedim approach to the Tanach. He is right in another point, the Bible of Israel vs the Talmud of the galut. There is nothing wrong with interpretation or opinion, but when it replaced the Tanach is when Israel began to see it's problems and anti-semitism against it flourish. We need a country based on the Tanach which we can never run from, the world is waiting for it and the Charedim are stopping it. Shabbat Shalom


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