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by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     Most likely, many of you do not want to hear this, but according to scientists at England’s Oxford University, vegetarians are 32% less likely to be hospitalized or die from heart disease than people who eat meat and fish.

     Why, for the thirty second joy of the taste that eating meat brings will man be so quick to shorten his life is beyond me. Man was not created to eat meat and fish. Meat eating came many years after man was created. It was only after the destruction by flood, in Noah’s generation, that man was given permission to eat meat.

     And what about the Temple sacrifices? Most of them were animals. When the Temple is restored, if the sacrifices return, there might again be an obligation to eat meat. We will see. But today, there is no obligation to eat meat.

     And what about the line in the Talmud that religious meat eaters love to quote? “There is no joy except with meat and wine.”[i] And therefore they conclude, “You have an obligation to eat meat on Shabbos and Holidays!” They never quote the next line in that gemora that explains that the joy the gemora was referring to was the joy of eating the meat of the holiday sacrifice, and since we do not have the sacrifices any more, that joy rests only on wine. Wine, which by the way, when consumed in moderation is very good for you. L ‘chaim!

[i]Gemora Pesachim 109a


  1. Did the Oxford study take into account the quality of the meat and fish (industrial vs organic) or the frequency and amount of consumption? Specifically - would a small portion of mercury-less deep-sea fish (if such thing still exists nowadays) and organically grown meat, every Shabbos have the same fatal effect?

  2. There are many studies that show that following a vegetarian diet is also unhealthy.

    Everything in moderation including exercise is the key to good health.

  3. Great post! There's also a passage in the Talmud that recommends eating meat once a week (and then only for those who are rich and learned in Torah). If people have a strong taste for meat, they should eat it once a week -- that will prevent, to some degree at least, the health problems caused by overindulgence in animal products (such as heart disease).

  4. Hi R. Gutman,

    I'm with you with the vegetarian diet, but If I can't rely on nuts and seeds (because of a strong psoriasis involving LOTS of allergies) for my protein intake (I do workout because I medically NEED to), then what's left for me R. Gutman ?

    Is Kosher Milk/Yogurt ok ? and more importantly Is kosher WHEY PROTEIN ok then ?

    No animal is killed in that way, and the same applies to eggs consumption, am I right ?


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