Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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The Developing Modern Sodom

S’dom is one of the biblical archetypes of evil.  Yet it wasn’t a place of massively evil people.  It wasn’t a bunch of individual murders or depraved monsters.

It was a society enforcing a series of rules that, in total, created a completely immoral society.  Yet would anyone disagree that someone not following the rules of society should be punished?  …

Man who saved neighborhood boy being MAULED TO DEATH by 3 large pit bulls by running to get his firearm and shooting the dogs to face gun charges.  (Discharging your weapon in defense of others is ILLEGAL.)

Truckee, California to reconsider request of charity organization to feed the homeless (at the organization’s expense), after the organization lost their location.  (Now the homeless go hungry while the town council considers whether it’s ok to feed them.)

Workers at a rescue mission in Louisiana were forced by state health officials to destroy roughly $8,000 worth of deer meat because state law prevents the serving of venison in homeless shelters.  (Better the homeless go hungry that be put at risk of non-factory processed food, because starving is not a risk?)

A 15-year-old student at Middle School in Florida was told to change her pro-abstinence t-shirt after officials deemed it “inappropriate.” The (religious) teen wore the shirt, which read, ”Don’t drink and park… accidents cause kids”.  The school district has cited a dress code policy that disallows any clothing that “infringes on the rights of others” or contains “explicit content”.

What started as “nanny state” initiatives has moved on to government restrictions on helping the needy, feeding the hungry, or sharing a message on a moral position.

I realize I’ve only picked out a few quick examples, but several of these are published every week.

Modern day S’dom developing.

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