Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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Shmuli is an Amazing Guy


     A couple of days ago, a man and two young boys came to the entrance of the Kotel. They began to put on their tefillin when the man, who turned out to be their father, started screaming at them. Maybe the boys did something minor to bother him, but surely they did not do anything to deserve what that man did.

     He went nuts on them! He screamed so loudly that I honestly thought that he was going to blow a blood vessel. I have never seen a man get so border line violent, screaming so intently at young boys.

     One of the boys ran away. The man screamed even louder. He walked after him and yelled at some young girls who were standing there. Apparently they were his daughters. They said, “If you don’t stop yelling, we are not going to talk to you!”

     I yelled at the man loudly telling him to cool out, but he didn’t listen. He screamed so loud that the police came to investigate to see who was making so much noise.

     The boy who ran away came back wearing his tallis (prayer shawl) and tefillin and the man started screaming at him even louder. I screamed at him again to stop his insane yelling but he ignored me. His face was beet red!

     Shmuli walked over, took the boy’s hand in one hand, and his father’s hand in his other hand and he started singing and dancing. His other son and a few other men joined in. They made a circle, some six or seven of them, holding hands, singing and dancing around. They all smiled as they sang. Even the father began to smile a little. After a few minutes the dancing stopped and the father and sons walked off to the Kotel.

     Shmuli was right. You can’t stop water, rushing out of a busted pipe by violently pushing your hand up against it. My yelling at him didn’t help at all. But if you place your open hand in front of the gushing water in the right way, you can guide the water to go in the direction that you want it to go.

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  1. This is very disturbing. If this man felt free to behave this way in public, I wonder what happens in the privacy of their home. I hope that if any member of the family is reading your blog they should realize that this is abuse and seek help.


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