Sunday, February 03, 2013

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Redemption – Not Obvious

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     It seems that Hashem is bringing the Redemption as quickly as He can, but only on the condition that it is not too obvious that He is doing it. He is still not allowing the Big Bang! (which is my preference, i.e. bring it all, all at once right now) but He is sliding in one thing here, and another there.

     We saw recently that they just found out that chocolate and coffee are very good for us, and so is moderate alcohol drinking which is very good for our hearts, and being a little overweight is great, even lengthens our life, all these surely show that the Redemption is happening.

     And now, today’s news gives us another amazing sign that the Redemption is not only happening, but that it is about to bubble over.

     The incoming Knesset (legislature) of Israel will be more religious than any in the state’s history. Thirty nine, that is, one of every three Members of the Knesset lives a Jewish religious lifestyle. This is an increase of 11 over the previous Knesset.

     When I moved into the Rova [i] 26 years ago, over 80% of Rova the residents were not religious, and many were even anti-religious! They wanted the Rova to be an artist colony and resented it when religious people moved in. Today, well over 80% of the residents are religious, and somehow we live with the hundreds of thousands of non religious tourists who fill our narrow streets.

     Also today, more Jews are learning Torah today than ever before in the history of the Jewish People. And now there are over 6 million Jews living in the Holy Land.

     It feels like it will take only one more holy deed to press the button and all the world’s struggles will be over. Maybe you are the one who is going to do that holy deed. Try it, and see.

[i] Jewish Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem

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  1. Ok - just fed my dog before dinner. Anything yet?


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