Friday, February 15, 2013


Kever Shmuel in the Distance

Here’s some pictures of Kever Shmuel – the holy resting place of the biblical prophet Samuel.  The angle of the picture shows parts of the Har Hotzvim Jerusalem Bio-Technology Park, and the Ramot neighborhoods of Jerusalem.  (It’s worth noting Ramot is considered “across the line”, meaning 5 blocks over is considered by someone looking at a map of where things were in 1947 to be territory of a different country.)

2013-02-04 Kever Shmuel 004

Zooming in a bit we see Teva, a drug manufacturer (keeping down U.S. drug costs by making low cost generics of high quality), followed by the new Ramot mall on the right, and a new school in upper Ramot.  The left is the older Ramot neighborhoods, over 20 years old.

2013-02-04 Kever Shmuel 001

Zooming as much as was possible from where I was and the camera I had…

2013-02-04 Kever Shmuel 002

The old, the new, the holy, the mundane, together every day in Jerusalem.


  1. Could you put a little red arrow pointing to the exact spot for Kever Shmuel, maybe? It isn't that mosque on top of the far away hill is it?

  2. Yes, it is that building. The Arabs built on top of almost every makom kodesh.


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