Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Every Jew Sees Miracles…

…if they’re looking for them.

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

The Land of Israel, the Holy Land, is a place of miracles…for those looking for them.  I had two recent contrasting experiences with the holy Jews of the Holy Land. 

Those who would divide the Jewish people, captured by the negative influences of the other side, invest in our differences.  And much of the “system” in Israel is built around those differences.  Are you orthodox, or ultra-orthodox, or observant, or traditional, or secular, or anti-religious?  Or a Jew living in the Holy Land?

One of my co-workers would be called a secular Jew from Tel Aviv.  He doesn’t go to synagogue, he doesn’t wear a yalmuka.  I have the honor, and responsibility, of being the first “charedi” (ultra-orthodox Jew) he’s ever spoken to.  This avowed secular Jew from Tel Aviv has shown me the personal prayers he’s written to Hashem, and is fully committed to helping others, doing chesed and making Israel a better place for all the Jewish people.  That’s “a secular Jew from Tel Aviv”.

Another co-worker was telling me of her family.  She comes from a ‘traditional’ home, meaning kiddush and Shabbat is observed, and some level of kosher, though not to a strict orthodox Jewish religious law level.  She married a wonderful man from an ‘atheist’ family, strongly avowed absolutely non-religiously-active Jews of Tel Aviv.  They went many years without children when she decided her home needs the blessing of Shabbos kiddush, and she challenged her husband to make kiddush and sit down for a Shabbos dinner for the blessing of children.  After some months of arguing, he finally yelled at her “fine, I’ll do it for a month.  But if you don’t get pregnant, don’t bother me about it again.”  She replied “fine, but if I do, you have to make kiddush every Friday for the rest of our lives.”…

Today they have 2 children and kiddush every Friday night.

There’s miracles to be found, if you’re looking for them.


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