Thursday, February 14, 2013

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Ein Kobi

On the road to Beitar Illit is a little park.  At the back of the park is a narrow paved road leading into a valley with vineyards and… a 2,000 year old Jewish village from Roman times, Ein Kobi…

Not much is left above ground except foundations and one building, though that building may be of a later age.

2013-01-18 Haviva Raizel Tatti at Ein Kobi 007

Steps!  The tops of the loose stones are cemented by the parks authority to prevent additional deterioration and keep the area safe for visiting.

2013-01-18 Haviva Raizel Tatti at Ein Kobi 005

It was something reasonably large.  Think your building wall is going to last over 1,000 years?

2013-01-18 Haviva Raizel Tatti at Ein Kobi 023

This is the highlight of the site.  Through a set of stairs one enters a very large extremely well engineered and constructed underground cistern.  From the cistern extends a water tunnel (behind me in the picture) to a lower section of the village.  Meaning, cistern, pool, running water, irrigation.  Wow.

2013-01-18 Haviva Raizel Tatti at Ein Kobi 020

Just another site by the roadside in the Holy Land.

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  1. What do you think this might have been? Agricultural? Residential? Or maybe this connected to a waterway to the Temple, or from the Temple?


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