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Directions Please


by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

“Hello, I need direction, please. I grew up in a non-believing home, became a Chr-istian at the age of 40, and 5 years ago studied the bible with a Hebrew understanding. I soon became aware that Je-sus, being a Hebrew, taught that the Torah of Moses is for today, too, and not as many Chr-istians believe, that it has been done away with. Now, through my studies and the help of Rabbi Singer’s audio teaching I no longer see Je-sus as messiah.

     Now, all my Chr-istian friends reject me, and not being born Jewish I am not sure where I fit in. Please help.”

Gutman’s Response:

     Good for you. Actually, you are an amazing person. The truth is more important to you than friends. And now that you are following the truth, you will have more friends than ever.

     First, go online and find some of the various groups who, like yourself, have stopped worshiping a man, and now worship only the One G-d, the Creator of all. They can be found at the various Seven Commandments of Noah sites. They will become your new friends, and there are lots of them spread all over the world.

     Study those Seven Commandments that G-d gave to Noah. You will become a holy person, with a wonderful share in this world, and a share in the World to Come.

      Then, if you learn them very well, you will become a very valuable teacher to many people in your community. You will be a great help to them. But you have to be able to answer such questions as, “If G-d is Infinite then He must be all, and if He is all, is He you? Are you G-d?” Look at my video on this subject to see how I like to explain the concept. G-d Is Everywhere

     When you become expert in this subject you will find yourself helping many people. This will be very rewarding for you. You will have many friends, and you will live a holy life. Let me know how you are doing.

Be well


  1. Wherever you go make sure what you are getting is the truth. While everyone (even muslims to an extent) agree that the tanack is the truth the problem has always been interpretations/exegesis.

    The question is who has Hashem's given authority to interpret and teach the tanack INFALLIBLY (error free).

    The tanack makes it crystal clear: Only Moses and the IMMINENT moshiac have that Hashem given authority of ABSOLUTE INTERPRETATION INFALLIBILITY for all time.

    Hashem in His infinite wisdom has left far more than enough simple INTERPRETATION-INDEPENDENT materials in the tanack to live by till the moschiac comes. Living by those simple commandment guarantees a good life in the IMMINENT messianic era.

    It not important to know who the maschiac is for now, when he comes we shall all see.

  2. Your not alone, I also find myself in a similiar situation. Once I learned the truth, not just friends but, family members looked at me different. I feel better knowing I'm not following a false idol in Jesus. I live in a community where there is no Jewish presence. G-d said he would bring people from all around, perhaps we are apart of the generation that will find our way to Jerusalem when the time is right. You are not alone my friend.

  3. Annon 1, where in the entire Tanach does it refer to calling Yehovah "haShem", it doesn't! Why do you follow an interpretation preventing the world to know the name of God. It was banned from the rabbi's and they also ask why Yehovah does not answer the Jew's prayers, they respond because we don't use His name. You can find the correct vowels in the Codex Allepo where the redacters missed changing it. It's amazing how deep the lies go Annon, even you just bought one. Sad, yes?


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