Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Excerpted from Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok at

thHow does one find God and draw close to "Him"? If God is everywhere and in everything, as the verse says, "the whole world is full of "His" Glory," how then can there exist such a place that is "far" from God?

God is everywhere, near and far, therefore, there can be no place closer to, or further from underlying Divine reality. What then are we actually talking about when we say that we want to draw close to God? How can we draw closer to that which we are already close?

Ah! You agree with the concept, but you say that while God may be close, you certainly do not feel or see the closeness. Why then is this so? Is this because of God, or is it because of us?

If God is here, and God is there, and God is truly everywhere, how is it that you can feel closer to God in one place, and further from "Him" in another? Is God at fault? Is God distant, or is it possible that it is our sensitivities and feelings that may be at fault?

Drawing close to God is never about a journey towards God. Drawing close to God is actually a journey away from everything that blocks our vision from seeing that God is already here.

This is why the path is called a return, teshuva, in Hebrew.

Rabbi Bar Tzadok writes at


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